Day 21: Completion!

It’s the last day of the Challenge!

We hope you got a ton out of our 21 posts, framed by our 5 Core Areas of Transformation, to manifest anything in your life, including CLARITY!

We’re going to leave you with this…

Your computer has storage, called RAM — random-access memory — which determines its processing capacity. The more applications you run on your computer, the more RAM you use, the slower your computer gets. If you’re running a big program on your computer, a lot of times you need to shut off other applications, so there is enough RAM to run it.

The same thing goes, if you’re installing a new healthy habit in your life — including a clarity practice. You have learned how to shut down some of the applications, that get in the way of clarity — distractions, triggers, reacting versus acting, holding onto outcomes, and the blame-shame cycle.

You’ve learned that all of these things have one thing in common — they take you out of your self-awareness.

Keep using these exercises to pop back into your awareness, where your self-growth work is done.

Today's Challenge:

We would like to offer you the opportunity to continue to do this work, with our support and transformational framework — where you will EVEN be able to turn off even the OLDEST tapes and patterns that have been ‘running in the background’ of your life forever  —  call Susan and find out about our 10-week program.

In 10 weeks you can have a life that is completely unrecognizable from the on you are living TODAY.

This is for people who are on a spiritual path — whether you know it yet or not — who are ready to do the work with Susan to cause the breakthroughs that will actually change your life — and are ready to replace the pain, loss and confusion with mindsets and behaviors that will MAKE YOUR LIFE WORK.

Whether or not you choose to take us up on this offer, or not, and we hope you do, we want to leave you with this ultra-positivity bomb JUST DO YOU by  India.Arie to CELEBRATE having done 21 days of work on YOU.


I heard a voice that told me I'm essential
How all my fears are limiting my potential
Said it's time to step into the light and
Use every bit of the power I have inside and

So what'chu waiting on
Who you waiting for
If you don't take a chance you'll never know whats in store


Until we meet again on Facebook, on a call or in a group, know that we have your back and are ALWAYS here to help. It’s what we love to do. Thank you for playing along with us…YOU’RE THE BEST! And you DESERVE THE BEST! You DESERVE YOU!

Talk Soon,


Susan & Jen

Day 20: Managing Expectations for Clarity

We are in the last two days of our Challenge, and the last area of our 5 area framework for anything you want to manifest, including clarity!

When was the last time something you wanted to have happen went as planned? What about when it didn’t?

One of the last topics we want to bring into focus in our Clarity Challenge is EXPECTATIONS.

We’ve all been told it’s good to have them, and by this definition “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future,” that’s not such a bad thing.

Plus research shows that people having high expectations about the future makes them happier at present.

But when we talk about expectations as, “a belief that someone will or should achieve something,” this is where we can get into trouble.

This amazing article, To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Life, in the Huff Post, which we have permanently BOOKMARKED says it beautifully:

You don’t get to control everything. You can wake up at 5 a.m. every day until you’re tired and broken, but if the words or the painting or the ideas don’t want to come to fruition, they won’t. You can show up every day to your best intentions, but if it’s not the time, it’s just not the fucking time. You need to give yourself permission to be a human being.

We can’t have control over life events or our creativity, and we are not in charge of DIVINE TIMING.

When we focus on outcomes, something that SHOULD absolutely happen- I will get this assignment done, that task completed, this blog written, this relationship to end with X, we aren’t always present for the PROCESS.

The key is to have clarity in managing expectations and OUTCOMES, and the ability to interpret unexpected negative outcomes in a way that doesn’t trigger doubts about ourselves or our “success.”

Today’s Challenge:

Look at a recent “FAILURE” in your life.

Why didn’t it go as planned? Aside from events that were out of your control, were you rushing to an outcome, did you miss information you needed because you were in tunnel vision mode? Did you have all the help you needed, was it really the right time for it to happen? 

Now remember a “FAILURE” that happened a longer time ago...and then...when you had that moment of realization when you could said, 'yes,  I can see now why that didn’t work out,' or, ‘I’m glad that didn’t happen, because X happened instead.’

Sometimes we don’t get the outcome we want BUT, things happen in Divine timing so we get the lessons we are supposed to order to grow the way we are supposed to grow.

Again from the Huff Post article: We often forget that we are as we are until we’re not. We are the same until we’re changed. We can move that a bit further by putting into place healthy habits and to show up to our lives in a way that fosters growth, but we can’t game timing.

Next time you don’t have an expectation and outcome match up…breathe...then study the outcome you DO get…maybe it’s going to be better than you think.

Until tomorrow…stay Clear! 


Susan & Jen

Tomorrow we will be wrapping up our Challenge. And like we have said before, if anything has been coming up for you, fears, doubts, OR inspirations and aha! moments that you need to work through or take to the next level…let’s do that!

We have a special FREE 30-minute BREAKTHROUGH call with Susan, to cause that one breakthrough that re/magnetizes your personal growth path. Here's what one recent caller had to say, "Just had my 1/2 hour free session with Susan and had several "aha, breakthrough moments." Want to be next?

Day 19: Does Transition Try You…Or Transform You?

We are in the last few days of our Challenge, and the last area of our 5 area framework for anything you want to manifest, including clarity!

One of the things we focus on in the Creation area is transforming how we deal with transition and change. Do you move right through it…or are you like most of us, who let it stop us in our tracks?

Understanding how you move through change (or not so much...) is a key indicator in the quality and consistency of your creation (manifesting) mojo- to deal at anything life throws your way.

Working your muscles and being skilled coping with transition and change:

  • Reduces ‘chaos’ and improves clarity in your daily life
  • Allows you to make ‘shift’ happen on the regular

Today’s Challenge: Change Places

We all have a favorite spot. At the local coffee shop, on the bus, at work meetings. They make us feel comfortable and secure. But, how do you feel when you get to the meeting late…and so and so is in your power spot?

Why don’t you give your coping skill muscles a little work out today?

Today, purposefully move to, or take a different seat from your usual.

Notice how you feel. What kind of uncomfortable-ness creeps in? OR, do you notice something new, fresh and amazing from this different perspective that you never would have seen or experienced in your old spot?

The lesson of course is to get out of your comfort zone to get a new point of view in your self awareness and clarity.

Anytime you have to find another seat- you can use this exercise to exercise your change muscles.

Taking this on allows you to play with how transition can try you or transform you. Knowing how you guide yourself through known or unexpected changes, will be one of the most useful keys to living a self- empowered life.

Life, after all, is its own constant game of musical chairs!

Until tomorrow...stay clear!


Susan & Jen


If you have been playing along with us - and stuff has been coming up for you...reach out! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE talking to you (and especially helping you to breakthrough! It's what we do!) Contact us @ or schedule a breakthrough call (it's 30 minutes of free time with me where we work on getting you unstuck with one BIG breakthrough.)

Day 18: Work Smarter NOT Harder…With GOOD Intentions

We are in the last few days of our Challenge, and the last area of our 5 area framework: Creation.

This area has one of the most powerful tools we work with in all of the areas: intentions. Intentions are connected to outcomes. They have PROFOUND effects on your life, as we’re sure you can relate to if you’ve ever had to deal with the outcome of a bad intention going off in your life.

Becoming skilled working with intentions, can allow you the ability to consistently create a life filled with positive outcomes- including creating clarity!

Because intentions are so powerful, when you work with them, it should be from a clearing-free from other people’s energies or intentions, or anything that could affect your desired outcome.

Today’s Challenge:

Create a (symbolic) clearing in your life.

You know how good it feels when you clean out your closet or car, or tidy up your workspace? It’s a blank slate, a fresh canvas, a clearing for possibility. Break your routine today and clean something out! Do it with the intention that you are clearing out stale energy, and clearing a space for inspiration to return. Release attachment to outcomes so you can bring (only) exactly what you need to the moment and task at hand.

Is that clear?

Until tomorrow…


Susan & Je

Day 17: The SECRET SAUCE for Clarity

So glad you are back. Today we are entering the fifth area of the Five Core Areas Of Transformation >> Creation << where we work with MANIFESTING!

MANIFESTING is HOT right now. And this is where YOU start to put it all together. So far, you’ve done work connecting with guidance, flowing with your emotions, with staying grounded, and changing patterns. You need a general flow in all of these areas, to create the clearing for YOUR manifesting game.

Your work in the 5th area, is muy importante to

a) creates breakthroughs in intentions and expectations and

b) ESPECIALLY when in changes happen in life (i.e. when you are in transition.)

You need a practice that grows and changes with you - as your life changes. THIS IS HOW YOU GET OUT OF “STUCK”!!!!!!

Manifesting requires magnetizing your creativity, and inspiration. This is where you call in the magic, expect transformation, and create the recipe for your own SECRET SAUCE.

We hope you have picked up on the major theme of this Challenge: that clarity work (and anything else you want to heal and manifest in your life) has GOT to be brought into your SELF AWARNESS. You have to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, and into your FLOW. And although it’s not ENCOURAGED in our GO GO GO Western world…a SURE FIRE way to do this is…wait for it…


Play ABSOLUTELY breaks you out un- awareness, and it’s not just for kids.

Dr. Stuart Brown, author and head of the National Institute for Play, says children have a lot to learn from what he calls this "state of being," including empathy, how to communicate with others, and how to roll with the punches., and "the harmonics of this occur in adulthood as well."

Hello…state of BEING anyone?

Some of the smartest people in the world play – there are tons of gaming groups in silicon valley, right! It makes you smarter, more creative and happier. Adult rats who got the opportunity to play with novel objects became more bold and relaxed. Play and exploration trigger the secretion of BDNF, a substance essential for the growth of brain cells, and Some research suggests that play contributes to their ability to solve divergent problems. (convergent problem has a single correct solution or answer. A divergent problem yields itself to multiple solutions.)


Today’s Challenge:

If you are for self-awareness!

Here’s your game for today:

Find a ______ for Each Letter of the Alphabet

This really simple exercise gets both sides of your brain to work together. Go through the alphabet and think of a _________ (the more unusual the better) for each letter.

We like to do this with one BLESSING inour life per letter; but it can be anything…nouns, countries, artists, yoga positions, TV shows…are you picking up what we are putting down?

Why does this work for self-awareness, creativity and clarity?

Your left brain will help you to think of the word, and your right brain will imagine what the noun looks like (color, size, shape).

If you are up for it you can share your words in the comments below or on FB.

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen

*We borrowed this exercise from Rebeka Bergin, BTW. Thanks, Rebeka!


Day 16: Rock A Ritual For Clarity

Have heard of the term, “life hack? It refers to any tip, trick, or tweak that gives an at-hand item- an imaginative use, that’s suddenly makes a mundane task in your life much easier. For example:

What if we had some kind of “hack” for our transformational/self-discovery work, too? 

Guess what? We’ve got that! It’s RITUAL.

…Before you slam on the woo-woo brakes, and say…no, no voodoo or magic spells for me, thanks...At Living Your Gifts, we define RITUAL simply as acting with intention as a tool for healthy living. 

Essentially, it’s what we have been doing in this Clarity Challenge… giving you simple- mind, behavior and energy shifts - to apply to the things you already do in your every-day (conversations, relationships, your morning routine), that are designed to shift your awareness, to let clarity in.

ANYTHING that gets you out of your mind and into your awareness is a GOOD thing. And we find that people need different ways in as well as variety in their practice. So…

That’s why we call it a “spiritual self-discovery hack.”

Today’s Challenge: Rock Our Rituals

(You are going to need two rocks.)

This is a ritual you can (and should) do over and over. So find two rocks you really like!

In the ancient Dagara tradition Susan was initiated into, rocks (also sand, bones and minerals) are believed to hold earth’s knowledge, and are considered very powerful.

The Dagara also believe that WE hold ancient wisdom in the bones inside our bodies.

  1. Get ready, and centered. Hold one rock in each hand. Think of a story or situation that is working you right now. Your communication is sideways with your spouse, your teen is modeling some not-so-awesome behaviors that are starting to keep you up at night, your telling yourself you really DON’T deserve that job you’re up for b/c you’re over/under qualified…but you know you could absolutely rock it.
  2. Ask your ‘helpful people’ (Jesus, Buddha, your Grandmother who passed, the Universe, Source) to send assistance, love, guidance, information into the rock in your left hand, that will transform the story and generate an outcome for your highest and best good. Ask the rock to hold it all.
  3. To the rock in your right hand: send it all of the negative energy in your body from the situation or story, send it your stress, fear, anger and pain.
  4. Place the left hand rock somewhere that you will see it throughout the day for a while. Whenever you see it, you are reminded to continue to call in transformative energy.
  5. Take the rock from your right hand, and place it outside in the sun, or submerge it in salt for (3 days if you’re a guy, and 4 days if you’re a girl).

You can use these rocks and this ritual over and over - just clear (put it in the sun, or in salt) the receiving rock every once in a while as well.


  • You are working with intentions-you are being intentional
  • You are lining up with your external source of help
  • You are employing a visualization technique
  • If it works for you…use it

If it works for you, you can use RITUAL in your practice to hone your skill with intentions and outcomes, to consistently manifest anything in your life…including clarity.

And, BTW, we’re not just being trendy with ritual here. Susan was trained and initiated into an ancient, indigenous ritual-based healing system, by Sobonfu Somé. And we have been working for a while now on modernizing and incorporated RITUAL into our transformational life coaching. We consider it an ancient breakthrough technology. Look for a special coaching opportunity around this coming soon. Interested? Click KEEP ME POSTED, and we will!

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen

Day 15: Acting...or Reacting?

Are you in a relationship right now that isn’t working and you don’t know why?

Today’s Challenge:

Let’s create a breakthrough in your communication.

When you hear words like: “You always....” Or “You never...” How do they make you feel?

Defensive or inspired? Do you feel like there is empathy? Or judgement? And when you feel judged…what do you do?

Act or react?

Here’s a mind blower: Your communication comes from your past.

If you react, you might be responding to a trigger (a story from your past put on you by parents, teachers, coaches (even) our culture) that you have adopted as your own story. You are reacting then, from your unconscious mind.

Bring your communication into your consciousness. This process will take work and time, BUT, you can start small, and make a HUGE impact. Here’s how:

Expand your emotional vocabulary for clarity!

First, get that there is a whole ‘color wheel’ of emotions to paint your interactions with. Also get that, even recognizing subtle distinctions in how you REALLY feel (versus how you are triggered to feel in that moment) is a CRITICAL breakthrough in your clarity.

 How to take on Today’s Challenge:

How do you think “You always....” Or “You never...” are making your partner or co-worker feel? How has that been working out for you? What kind of outcomes are you having? What outcomes did you expect to have, that you didn’t? Do you see this is why things aren’t productive and you are you to calling your friends and saying, “it just isn’t working!” with your significant other?

Practice a different way of communicating in one relationship this week.

Think before you speak to your partner. Look at that wheel and see if you can describe to them how that comment REALLY made you feel (PRESSURED versus BAD.) When you and your partner start working with that level of clarity, notice what outcomes are different.

Keep it up and you will experience more fluid, helpful, productive and inspiring communication.

When you can communicate with accuracy and integrity, you improve the quality and consistency of any relationship.

Ask my business partner Jen- we worked on breaking patterns of communication…then I got to marry her and her husband!

Until colorful and...stay clear!


Susan & Jen

P.S. I don't JUST work 1:1...I love working with couples, too! The world needs healthy relationships!

Day 14: Is Your Past Making Your Present Into Groundhog Day?

Today we move into the Stories area of the 5 Core Areas of Transformation, where we work to make breakthroughs and create clarity in communication and relationships. It’s where we find that ‘one big story’ that has been working you, that was born in your past, and never healed.

Were you repeatedly told as a child that you weren’t good enough? Chances you are repeating that “story” to yourself today, and making decisions based on it. And then if you have repeatedly been telling yourself that story, and made many decisions and life moves based on it- the trajectory of the life you were meant to live has gone off course.

Do you feel like you are in a relationship that’s unsupportive? Do you find it difficult to express yourself? It might not have anything to do with who YOU ARE, but instead, WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT TO TELL YOURSLEF, and HOW YOU WERE TAUGHT TO TREAT YOURSELF.

How do we find the starting point of these unconscious patterns, and flip the switch from hurt, to healed; to get you back on track with the life you are here for?

We look at what’s NOT WORKING in your life- that relationship, or unproductive communication style- and ‘work backwards’ to find out when the pattern started. We do this by seeing what ‘triggers’ you.

Triggers are charged, often unconscious emotional reactions to buried past trauma, experiences or sense memories.

Today’s Challenge:

How can you tell what your true story is, if you are stuck in a groundhog moment from your past?

Recognize one trigger this week. Do any of these come up? (A great list from MBG.)

  • Someone rejecting you.
  • Someone leaving you (or the threat that they will).
  • Helplessness over painful situations.
  • Someone discounting or ignoring you.
  • Someone being unavailable to you.
  • Someone giving you a disapproving look.
  • Someone blaming or shaming you.
  • Someone being judgmental or critical of you.
  • Someone being too busy to make time for you.
  • Someone not appearing to be happy to see you.
  • Someone trying to control you.
  • Someone being needy, or trying to smother you.

And then you find yourself having a habitual reaction like, raging, blaming, feeling needy, shutting down, or complying- especially if it seems out of proportion to the incident? That’s a sure sign of a triggering behavior, that is bringing up those helpless and fearful feelings from your past.

  1. Recognize that you are having an emotional reaction.
  2. Choose what you want to feel and what you want to do.

Even if you can’t act on it right in that moment. Try it the next time you are in this situation. You will be brining clarity to your self awareness that with time, will allow you to heal your past and transform your future.

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen

P.S. We would love to help you with today’s challenge.

Day 13: Your Vow of In-To-Me-See

Today’s post comes from the Grounded area of the 5 Core Areas of Transformation, where we work to make breakthroughs in our self-esteem and self-value.

Marriage is one of the most important commitments we make in our lives.

Why don't we commit to ourselves in the same serious way?

If you had to sit down and write vows to yourself, what would they be?

Here’s a few questions to get you started:

  • What is most important to me right now?
  • What energy would I like to call into my life?
  • What promises do I need to make to myself in order to live the life I want to create with myself?
  • What is my unique contribution to my relationship with myself?

Can you vow to call back the part(s) of you that have been lost?

And what support do you need to honor and cherish yourself, in the good times, and through the breakdowns?

Today’s Challenge:

Write three vows to yourself that you can commit to honoring for at least one whole week starting today.

This is a great exercise to get clear on what needs you need to have met in your life. We just did this in our Women’s Circle. And it’s something you can repeat, whenever you have a big life change, or whenever you need to re-clarify and commit to meeting your own needs.

 Here’s what one of our participants came up with:

I commit to you today, to uphold our Highest Self Care, to graciously accept and appreciate the gift of you and to hold space for what that gift needs to be fully manifested in my life, and in the world.

In order to commit to this,

I vow to ask for help to remain hopeful in a world that I frequently allow to break my heart, and to make a conscious effort to strive then, to fill my heart, with the things that sustain and ground me.

I vow to ask for the wisdom and the strength to release myself from any past vows I have consciously or unconsciously taken on, agreed to, and especially from those that I did not agree to, in this life, in the lives before, and from the lives of my ancestors; that no longer serve me.

I commit to being present,and to avoid being judgmental, or speaking badly about myself, so that I stay in my body.

I vow to not abandon you, and to stick with you in times of abundance, and in times of calling abundance in, in times when I fail at being authentic,  as well as in times of breakthrough and growth Ashe.

Have fun writing your vows!

and until tomorrow...stay clear!



Susan & Jen

Day 12: Which Body Are You In?

When we hear the expression you’re ‘being in your head,’ it’s not too hard to understand what it means. We get that there may be some overthinking involved, maybe NOT taking in information from other areas, like our heart, or our emotions, and that possibly we’re not going to get the best results if we are making life decisions JUST from ‘being in our heads.’

But it’s not always as clear when you hear someone (including us) say, are you ‘in your body?’ It’s a bit of a foreign concept as you begin to do this work. It’s more than ‘being present,’ it’s being conscious of your self awareness and self-worth, and where it lives in your body.

When we are ‘in our bodies’ we feel worthy, capable, and confident that we have the internal resources to handle the challenges of life. We are ‘present’ for the opportunities that show up for us in our live, and we are able to act on them in healthy and productive ways. We can take that life raw material, and use it to our best advantage.

But if you are in your:  

Pain Body: (or Emotional Body) patterns and wounds in your past aren’t healed and generate too much pain inside of you. You check out when it’s not a safe, inhabitable place for your soul.

Soul Body: patterns and wounds have been healed, freeing you up to connect to your consciousness without pain, or shame and blame. You’re not operating from fear, but from freedom.

Essentially, your self-worth is generated from your past. You are, and have been, making the connections with something that happened, with who you are now. You could have created, then, a false sense of self. And living with (and in that self), you wonder why you feel disconnected, upset, sad, frustrated, etc. (there’s something in your unconscious that is running you.)

Getting from one body to the other, takes work and time. But that’s why you are here-looking for tools of self-discovery. So…

Today’s Challenge:

Let’s move the needle ever so slightly. What can give you relief and clarity today?

What is something that you have absolutely NO doubts about what you love? Something that stirs your Soul, or your mind, or your happy place? Not something someone told you to like in your past. Hint: This is something that is coming from who you truly are. Indulge in it.

Book that class, take that walk, read that book, sing that song, find something that makes you laugh.


Part 2 of Today’s Challenge:

…do it so that the ONLY end result is that it makes you feel good, light and free.

Can you take that on?

Yes, this work is a marathon, not a sprint. BUT, start stringing enough of these experiences together, shifting your energy, getting help to do the work, and you could be on your way to being the Soul Proprietor of your life.

Until tomorrow...stay clear!


Susan & Jen