Day 2: Hire Your Committee

We love this Wi-Fi quote about being connected to Source.

It also reminds us of that that computer message you get when you’re trying to get an update, the one that says, ‘your must be connected to a power source’ in order to get it.’

But first of all, let’s talk about this idea of Source for one second. What is it? And what does it have to do with creating clarity in your life?

When I (this is Jen talking now) first started working 1:1 with Susan, that was one of my first big question, when, something would come up, and she would tell me to ‘call in your guides.’

It took me about a month to work up the courage to tell her, Susan, when you say that, I have no idea what you are talking about. Of course, the more familiar word for me, from my background, would have been ‘God.’ But I had left that concept back in my kid days-and with with a pretty bad taste in my mouth. (Along with accepting the idea that ‘divine intervention’ was even really a thing anymore.)

Here’s what turned it around for me.

“In my tradition before we come here, we all go into the Spirit office, with all the gods and goddesses, whatever name you like to call them, and…they put their stamp of approval on what we are going to do. So when you come here you are backed by all of the gods and goddesses and ancestors, you are not coming by yourself. You are backed by powerful forces.” – Sobonfu Somé

Now that was something that resonated with me. I could wrap my head around it. It made sense. This feels comforting, it makes me feel safe, encouraged, and inspired. It works for me because it puts me at the center of my own healing, but I don’t feel alone.

When I learned more about Sobonfu’s indigenous tradition and the wisdom, that we bring into our work at Living Your Gifts, I found out the ‘guides’ Susan was talking about were: “our ancestors anyone who is passed but was not in your genealogy…it can be anyone…the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr, or the spirit of Gandhi, or Eleanor Roosevelt, and all the brave, “crazy” women who encouraged women to speak up and not let their voices go silent...even trees, animals, rocks, rivers and mountains are considered to be part of the pool of the ancestors.”

Today, this is my practice. And what I love about this relationship I have with my ancestors, it’s the same type of relationship I have with a friend, or a family member who is still here…it’s like they’re still here. I can speak to them easily…I can even get angry with them. And because they know me, and what they did and left undone, they want to help me. Sobonfu says, you ‘hire them,’ to help you. You create a ‘committee’ that you always to help you out.

The take away here, of course, is that It doesn’t matter what you name ‘Source.’ You can rename it and reframe it, so it works for you.

A lot of people already feel that comfortable and energized way about God-which is awesome- or Buddha, or angels, or, etc., etc.

If you don’t resonate with the idea of a divine being; you can hook up with the Universe, and an awesome concept-from Abraham & Esther and Jerry Hicks- called the Vortex.

The Vortex is another way to get Source downloads. It’s like finding the radio channel that you get your Source info from.

But how do you find that channel?

This is where we hook back in with this challenge and clarity...

Honestly, you have to practice…just like you do with brining in, and creating, nurturing, and sustaining a relationship with clarity.

While you are developing your practice to stay in the Vortex/connected to Source/the Universe/your Highest Self (whatever its named) you can tend to feel like this:

“What often happens is you realize you're there, and you see I'm there I hope I stay in there, and out you go. We want you to accept that you are often in, and make a decision that you're going to capture stuff in there and you're going to milk it just a little longer, when you find yourself there. In other words, there's a powerful, powerful tool in recognizing that you are in and then just relaxing and staying there longer.” - Abraham

Well, the same goes for developing your practice for creating clarity, yes? Staying connected to Source and clarity is a struggle, before you have a practice.

So here’s Today’s Challenge:

Start to take a little sip of being connected, every day.

Read one affirmation first thing (we LOVE Orin and DaBen) or get an affirmation app on your phone. Find a mantra that speaks to you, or a short meditation that moves you out of your morning thoughts, and moves peace, alignment, focus and clarity in.

I just say a really short 3-minute prayer. It’s nothing profound but it’s a habit now. It’s just something like, ‘Hi, I’m here, I’m connecting, I’m definitely going to need strength for x today, or, could you show me a way to do this better, so I don’t waste a bunch of time today by not getting myself out of the way.’

Part 2 of the Today’s challenge:

Notice where you get stuck with this concept and process. Pay attention to what your reaction to it is.

For me as I was starting out, it was:

a)     ‘if I pray it has to be really, really good and profound and deep, because those people ‘up there’ are so much better, higher, etc., than me (old concept of God)

b)    ‘…do they even really want to hear from…me?’

Why is this important?

It revealed blocks to my own ability to have clarity. For me there was holding on to a) perfection and b) not feeling worthy.

Practicing creating clarity is also something that we line up with, and get ‘into and out of’ like the vortex. Today, when you think about developing your practice of creating clarity for the next 20 days, just be open to “make a decision that you're going capture stuff in there, and you're going to milk it just a little longer, when you find yourself there.”

And when you’re in there, when you get a moment of clarity…write it down. Maybe you can recreate it. Maybe you can use it as a step in your new practice.

It’s like the Wi-Fi quote; it’s finding the way(s) that work for you, to stay plugged in.

Oh yeah, we also said we were going to introduce you to our modern self healing framework, inspired by the indigenous healing wisdom Susan was initiated into. It works to create breakthroughs in 5 life areas for personal growth, and to help you manifest anything in your life, including clarity. Right now, you only need to know that, This clarity journey is going to pull from the five areas. You’ll see what we mean as we go along…

For now…until clear!


Susan & Jen

If you’re feeling it, post in the comments below what makes you feel stuck around connecting.