Day 1: Commit to Creating Clarity

You made it!!!

We are Susan Hough & Jen Hutchinson of Living Your Gifts and we are so glad you are here!

Whether you are one of the people we’ve heard from, who is looking for clarity around one big issue in your life; or you are one of the (many more) people we heard from who are in a big old general state of confusion; we know you’re all here because something isn’t working in your life, and that’s exactly why we created this challenge…

>> First really quick, before we start, we want to tell you

+who this work is for (...and why we think you’re here…)

A lot of coaches work with people in transition- into a new job, or back into the workforce, or single life after a divorce. That’s also true for a lot of our clients, but more specifically we are finding that we are working with people who are transitioning onto a more spiritual or transformational path of their healing journey- people (who we think, like you) are looking for another way in. So…

+ what this work is and isn’t?

This isn’t self-help. It is Highest-Self help. We are creating a community of people who are waking up and need tools to navigate their inner journeys. So Welcome! Now let’s take a deep dive in!

Wherever you are on your path (in specific or general confusion…:) we’re going to start this challenge out very simply:

Part 1: Commit to being clear.

You might be saying…is that it? That sounds pretty easy, guys, you’re going to have to come up with something a bit better than that for this challenge.

But…hold up…wait for it…because…

(Here’s part one of one of our favorite clarity quotes…)

 “Clarity is a decision. Whatever degree of clarity you’re experiencing right now, is what you’ve decided to create. Not deciding still counts as a decision…in this case it’s the decision to remain uncertain.” -Steve Paulina


You see, it’s not so simple after all. What we are actually asking you to commit to is NOT being uncertain. Yup. That’s why we started off with the quote, “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

When you don’t commit to being clear, you are letting the limiting beliefs and patterns from your past-the things that are making your life unworkable-run the show. One of the biggest ways we do this…staying in uncertainty…is by (consciously or unconsciously) distracting ourselves.

  • We surround ourselves with people who don’t share our values
  • We let ourselves spin in expectation circles
  • We don’t ask for help
  • We jump into over stimulating or numbing out activities

So let’s make it simple again.

You’re here because something isn’t working, and you need to replace it with something (a new way of being or doing) that does work. You’re in a blind spot and you need a way to get out. You need a process.

That’s what we are really excited to share with youClarity work is a practice and a transformational process in and of itself.

A transformational process involves changing a state of being, a belief or a life pattern, from its current form, to its healed form. It’s alchemical soul-work that begets the aha! moments of true self discovery, and the breakthroughs that actually change your life.

Here’s part two of one of our favorite clarity quotes.

“The word decide comes from the Latin decidere, which means “to cut off from.” To make a decision, you must cut away other potential directions. If you remain open to lots of different directions at the same time, you get confusion... When you commit yourself to one specific direction, clarity is the natural result.” Steve Paulina

 So Part two of today’s challenge is:

Commit to Identifying at least one distracting behavior in your life…and cut it off at the pass.

Stop everything and take a minute right now (or as soon as you can today.) Allow yourself to think of something you did last week. Like:

  • You agreed to do something you didn’t have the time or energy to do
  • You made a decision that made you feel icky afterwards
  • You decided to keep working instead of taking a break to refresh
  • You went out instead of

Today you are going to change that. What can you do today to push through distraction and be in action? Engage yourself today, and begin an activity that will support creating a space for clarity to take root in your life.

  • Find consistent inspiration. Try these three apps when you need a break, a spark, or a way to check off new goals you are setting. (They’re not just for entrepreneurs)
  • Find a meet-up. Meditate one night a week in a supportive, knowledgeable community instead of hitting the bar
  • Clean your desk, (and create a system to keep it that way) to create a consistent, clear space in your work area >>

What’s important here?

Explore other ways of being or doing that give you positive results…that cause aha! moments, instead of wasted time-then turn those ahas! into all-the-time-healthy behavior by repeating again, and again, and again. Then, you have yourself a habit, and a healthy new way of being.

That’s how clarity work is a transformational practice. Use it to meet distractions head on, and re-frame and redirect your life.

What can happen for you:

  • You begin trusting yourself that the decisions you are making are in YOUR highest and best interest
  • You turn off (or at least lower the volume on) your inner critic
  • You clarify priorities and expectations
  •  You work that muscle that gives you the courage to step into the unknown

If you're feeling in the comments below what distraction behavior you are going to work on changing.

Tomorrow we will tell you about the 5-area framework we use inspired by ancient wisdom to take your clarity work to the next level…until then…

Be clear! (Need support? Reach out -





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