Day 10: Getting Grounded.

Starting today, we are moving into the Grounded area of the 5 Core Areas of Transformation.

What the heck does being ‘grounded’ mean anyway?

If we were talking about electronic circuit theory (power and currents and the flow of electricity), a "ground" is an infinite source for charge, which can absorb an unlimited amount of current, without changing.”

But of course, we’re talking about humans here-although wouldn’t that be great to be able to take it all on; to care for our family members, give100% at work all the time, be there for our friends, and even absorb the ‘negative’ energy of stressed strangers…without changing?

A lot of us try to take on a whole lot…but how does that work out?

Burn out? Probably. Checking out? Yea, that happens, too. And neither of those are a very good ‘ground’ for clarity.

When we take too much on, even if we think it’s the right thing to do, we lose the ability to be present in our lives. We go on auto-pilot. This can also happen when we are too filled with pain, and we check out because our body isn’t a safe place to be in.

We will get into specifics on the benefits of being grounded in the next few posts, as we move into working in this core area of transformation.

But in the meantime, here’s a fast fill up.

Today’s Challenge:

Step into the earth for deep reconnection and renewal. Here’s how…
(Susan's mentor, Sobonfu Somé, actually gave her this ritual.)

And guess what? (Back to the science:), emerging research is making the connection, between our connection with the earth and our overall health- when we have direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on Earth's surface. (It’s called Earthing…it’s pretty cool, click the pic below if you want to learn more.) 

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen

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