Day 12: Which Body Are You In?

When we hear the expression you’re ‘being in your head,’ it’s not too hard to understand what it means. We get that there may be some overthinking involved, maybe NOT taking in information from other areas, like our heart, or our emotions, and that possibly we’re not going to get the best results if we are making life decisions JUST from ‘being in our heads.’

But it’s not always as clear when you hear someone (including us) say, are you ‘in your body?’ It’s a bit of a foreign concept as you begin to do this work. It’s more than ‘being present,’ it’s being conscious of your self awareness and self-worth, and where it lives in your body.

When we are ‘in our bodies’ we feel worthy, capable, and confident that we have the internal resources to handle the challenges of life. We are ‘present’ for the opportunities that show up for us in our live, and we are able to act on them in healthy and productive ways. We can take that life raw material, and use it to our best advantage.

But if you are in your:  

Pain Body: (or Emotional Body) patterns and wounds in your past aren’t healed and generate too much pain inside of you. You check out when it’s not a safe, inhabitable place for your soul.

Soul Body: patterns and wounds have been healed, freeing you up to connect to your consciousness without pain, or shame and blame. You’re not operating from fear, but from freedom.

Essentially, your self-worth is generated from your past. You are, and have been, making the connections with something that happened, with who you are now. You could have created, then, a false sense of self. And living with (and in that self), you wonder why you feel disconnected, upset, sad, frustrated, etc. (there’s something in your unconscious that is running you.)

Getting from one body to the other, takes work and time. But that’s why you are here-looking for tools of self-discovery. So…

Today’s Challenge:

Let’s move the needle ever so slightly. What can give you relief and clarity today?

What is something that you have absolutely NO doubts about what you love? Something that stirs your Soul, or your mind, or your happy place? Not something someone told you to like in your past. Hint: This is something that is coming from who you truly are. Indulge in it.

Book that class, take that walk, read that book, sing that song, find something that makes you laugh.


Part 2 of Today’s Challenge:

…do it so that the ONLY end result is that it makes you feel good, light and free.

Can you take that on?

Yes, this work is a marathon, not a sprint. BUT, start stringing enough of these experiences together, shifting your energy, getting help to do the work, and you could be on your way to being the Soul Proprietor of your life.

Until tomorrow...stay clear!


Susan & Jen