Day 13: Your Vow of In-To-Me-See

Today’s post comes from the Grounded area of the 5 Core Areas of Transformation, where we work to make breakthroughs in our self-esteem and self-value.

Marriage is one of the most important commitments we make in our lives.

Why don't we commit to ourselves in the same serious way?

If you had to sit down and write vows to yourself, what would they be?

Here’s a few questions to get you started:

  • What is most important to me right now?
  • What energy would I like to call into my life?
  • What promises do I need to make to myself in order to live the life I want to create with myself?
  • What is my unique contribution to my relationship with myself?

Can you vow to call back the part(s) of you that have been lost?

And what support do you need to honor and cherish yourself, in the good times, and through the breakdowns?

Today’s Challenge:

Write three vows to yourself that you can commit to honoring for at least one whole week starting today.

This is a great exercise to get clear on what needs you need to have met in your life. We just did this in our Women’s Circle. And it’s something you can repeat, whenever you have a big life change, or whenever you need to re-clarify and commit to meeting your own needs.

 Here’s what one of our participants came up with:

I commit to you today, to uphold our Highest Self Care, to graciously accept and appreciate the gift of you and to hold space for what that gift needs to be fully manifested in my life, and in the world.

In order to commit to this,

I vow to ask for help to remain hopeful in a world that I frequently allow to break my heart, and to make a conscious effort to strive then, to fill my heart, with the things that sustain and ground me.

I vow to ask for the wisdom and the strength to release myself from any past vows I have consciously or unconsciously taken on, agreed to, and especially from those that I did not agree to, in this life, in the lives before, and from the lives of my ancestors; that no longer serve me.

I commit to being present,and to avoid being judgmental, or speaking badly about myself, so that I stay in my body.

I vow to not abandon you, and to stick with you in times of abundance, and in times of calling abundance in, in times when I fail at being authentic,  as well as in times of breakthrough and growth Ashe.

Have fun writing your vows!

and until tomorrow...stay clear!



Susan & Jen