Day 16: Rock A Ritual For Clarity

Have heard of the term, “life hack? It refers to any tip, trick, or tweak that gives an at-hand item- an imaginative use, that’s suddenly makes a mundane task in your life much easier. For example:

What if we had some kind of “hack” for our transformational/self-discovery work, too? 

Guess what? We’ve got that! It’s RITUAL.

…Before you slam on the woo-woo brakes, and say…no, no voodoo or magic spells for me, thanks...At Living Your Gifts, we define RITUAL simply as acting with intention as a tool for healthy living. 

Essentially, it’s what we have been doing in this Clarity Challenge… giving you simple- mind, behavior and energy shifts - to apply to the things you already do in your every-day (conversations, relationships, your morning routine), that are designed to shift your awareness, to let clarity in.

ANYTHING that gets you out of your mind and into your awareness is a GOOD thing. And we find that people need different ways in as well as variety in their practice. So…

That’s why we call it a “spiritual self-discovery hack.”

Today’s Challenge: Rock Our Rituals

(You are going to need two rocks.)

This is a ritual you can (and should) do over and over. So find two rocks you really like!

In the ancient Dagara tradition Susan was initiated into, rocks (also sand, bones and minerals) are believed to hold earth’s knowledge, and are considered very powerful.

The Dagara also believe that WE hold ancient wisdom in the bones inside our bodies.

  1. Get ready, and centered. Hold one rock in each hand. Think of a story or situation that is working you right now. Your communication is sideways with your spouse, your teen is modeling some not-so-awesome behaviors that are starting to keep you up at night, your telling yourself you really DON’T deserve that job you’re up for b/c you’re over/under qualified…but you know you could absolutely rock it.
  2. Ask your ‘helpful people’ (Jesus, Buddha, your Grandmother who passed, the Universe, Source) to send assistance, love, guidance, information into the rock in your left hand, that will transform the story and generate an outcome for your highest and best good. Ask the rock to hold it all.
  3. To the rock in your right hand: send it all of the negative energy in your body from the situation or story, send it your stress, fear, anger and pain.
  4. Place the left hand rock somewhere that you will see it throughout the day for a while. Whenever you see it, you are reminded to continue to call in transformative energy.
  5. Take the rock from your right hand, and place it outside in the sun, or submerge it in salt for (3 days if you’re a guy, and 4 days if you’re a girl).

You can use these rocks and this ritual over and over - just clear (put it in the sun, or in salt) the receiving rock every once in a while as well.


  • You are working with intentions-you are being intentional
  • You are lining up with your external source of help
  • You are employing a visualization technique
  • If it works for you…use it

If it works for you, you can use RITUAL in your practice to hone your skill with intentions and outcomes, to consistently manifest anything in your life…including clarity.

And, BTW, we’re not just being trendy with ritual here. Susan was trained and initiated into an ancient, indigenous ritual-based healing system, by Sobonfu Somé. And we have been working for a while now on modernizing and incorporated RITUAL into our transformational life coaching. We consider it an ancient breakthrough technology. Look for a special coaching opportunity around this coming soon. Interested? Click KEEP ME POSTED, and we will!

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen