Day 17: The SECRET SAUCE for Clarity

So glad you are back. Today we are entering the fifth area of the Five Core Areas Of Transformation >> Creation << where we work with MANIFESTING!

MANIFESTING is HOT right now. And this is where YOU start to put it all together. So far, you’ve done work connecting with guidance, flowing with your emotions, with staying grounded, and changing patterns. You need a general flow in all of these areas, to create the clearing for YOUR manifesting game.

Your work in the 5th area, is muy importante to

a) creates breakthroughs in intentions and expectations and

b) ESPECIALLY when in changes happen in life (i.e. when you are in transition.)

You need a practice that grows and changes with you - as your life changes. THIS IS HOW YOU GET OUT OF “STUCK”!!!!!!

Manifesting requires magnetizing your creativity, and inspiration. This is where you call in the magic, expect transformation, and create the recipe for your own SECRET SAUCE.

We hope you have picked up on the major theme of this Challenge: that clarity work (and anything else you want to heal and manifest in your life) has GOT to be brought into your SELF AWARNESS. You have to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, and into your FLOW. And although it’s not ENCOURAGED in our GO GO GO Western world…a SURE FIRE way to do this is…wait for it…


Play ABSOLUTELY breaks you out un- awareness, and it’s not just for kids.

Dr. Stuart Brown, author and head of the National Institute for Play, says children have a lot to learn from what he calls this "state of being," including empathy, how to communicate with others, and how to roll with the punches., and "the harmonics of this occur in adulthood as well."

Hello…state of BEING anyone?

Some of the smartest people in the world play – there are tons of gaming groups in silicon valley, right! It makes you smarter, more creative and happier. Adult rats who got the opportunity to play with novel objects became more bold and relaxed. Play and exploration trigger the secretion of BDNF, a substance essential for the growth of brain cells, and Some research suggests that play contributes to their ability to solve divergent problems. (convergent problem has a single correct solution or answer. A divergent problem yields itself to multiple solutions.)


Today’s Challenge:

If you are for self-awareness!

Here’s your game for today:

Find a ______ for Each Letter of the Alphabet

This really simple exercise gets both sides of your brain to work together. Go through the alphabet and think of a _________ (the more unusual the better) for each letter.

We like to do this with one BLESSING inour life per letter; but it can be anything…nouns, countries, artists, yoga positions, TV shows…are you picking up what we are putting down?

Why does this work for self-awareness, creativity and clarity?

Your left brain will help you to think of the word, and your right brain will imagine what the noun looks like (color, size, shape).

If you are up for it you can share your words in the comments below or on FB.

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen

*We borrowed this exercise from Rebeka Bergin, BTW. Thanks, Rebeka!