Day 18: Work Smarter NOT Harder…With GOOD Intentions

We are in the last few days of our Challenge, and the last area of our 5 area framework: Creation.

This area has one of the most powerful tools we work with in all of the areas: intentions. Intentions are connected to outcomes. They have PROFOUND effects on your life, as we’re sure you can relate to if you’ve ever had to deal with the outcome of a bad intention going off in your life.

Becoming skilled working with intentions, can allow you the ability to consistently create a life filled with positive outcomes- including creating clarity!

Because intentions are so powerful, when you work with them, it should be from a clearing-free from other people’s energies or intentions, or anything that could affect your desired outcome.

Today’s Challenge:

Create a (symbolic) clearing in your life.

You know how good it feels when you clean out your closet or car, or tidy up your workspace? It’s a blank slate, a fresh canvas, a clearing for possibility. Break your routine today and clean something out! Do it with the intention that you are clearing out stale energy, and clearing a space for inspiration to return. Release attachment to outcomes so you can bring (only) exactly what you need to the moment and task at hand.

Is that clear?

Until tomorrow…


Susan & Je