Day 19: Does Transition Try You…Or Transform You?

We are in the last few days of our Challenge, and the last area of our 5 area framework for anything you want to manifest, including clarity!

One of the things we focus on in the Creation area is transforming how we deal with transition and change. Do you move right through it…or are you like most of us, who let it stop us in our tracks?

Understanding how you move through change (or not so much...) is a key indicator in the quality and consistency of your creation (manifesting) mojo- to deal at anything life throws your way.

Working your muscles and being skilled coping with transition and change:

  • Reduces ‘chaos’ and improves clarity in your daily life
  • Allows you to make ‘shift’ happen on the regular

Today’s Challenge: Change Places

We all have a favorite spot. At the local coffee shop, on the bus, at work meetings. They make us feel comfortable and secure. But, how do you feel when you get to the meeting late…and so and so is in your power spot?

Why don’t you give your coping skill muscles a little work out today?

Today, purposefully move to, or take a different seat from your usual.

Notice how you feel. What kind of uncomfortable-ness creeps in? OR, do you notice something new, fresh and amazing from this different perspective that you never would have seen or experienced in your old spot?

The lesson of course is to get out of your comfort zone to get a new point of view in your self awareness and clarity.

Anytime you have to find another seat- you can use this exercise to exercise your change muscles.

Taking this on allows you to play with how transition can try you or transform you. Knowing how you guide yourself through known or unexpected changes, will be one of the most useful keys to living a self- empowered life.

Life, after all, is its own constant game of musical chairs!

Until tomorrow...stay clear!


Susan & Jen


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