Day 21: Completion!

It’s the last day of the Challenge!

We hope you got a ton out of our 21 posts, framed by our 5 Core Areas of Transformation, to manifest anything in your life, including CLARITY!

We’re going to leave you with this…

Your computer has storage, called RAM — random-access memory — which determines its processing capacity. The more applications you run on your computer, the more RAM you use, the slower your computer gets. If you’re running a big program on your computer, a lot of times you need to shut off other applications, so there is enough RAM to run it.

The same thing goes, if you’re installing a new healthy habit in your life — including a clarity practice. You have learned how to shut down some of the applications, that get in the way of clarity — distractions, triggers, reacting versus acting, holding onto outcomes, and the blame-shame cycle.

You’ve learned that all of these things have one thing in common — they take you out of your self-awareness.

Keep using these exercises to pop back into your awareness, where your self-growth work is done.

Today's Challenge:

We would like to offer you the opportunity to continue to do this work, with our support and transformational framework — where you will EVEN be able to turn off even the OLDEST tapes and patterns that have been ‘running in the background’ of your life forever  —  call Susan and find out about our 10-week program.

In 10 weeks you can have a life that is completely unrecognizable from the on you are living TODAY.

This is for people who are on a spiritual path — whether you know it yet or not — who are ready to do the work with Susan to cause the breakthroughs that will actually change your life — and are ready to replace the pain, loss and confusion with mindsets and behaviors that will MAKE YOUR LIFE WORK.

Whether or not you choose to take us up on this offer, or not, and we hope you do, we want to leave you with this ultra-positivity bomb JUST DO YOU by  India.Arie to CELEBRATE having done 21 days of work on YOU.


I heard a voice that told me I'm essential
How all my fears are limiting my potential
Said it's time to step into the light and
Use every bit of the power I have inside and

So what'chu waiting on
Who you waiting for
If you don't take a chance you'll never know whats in store


Until we meet again on Facebook, on a call or in a group, know that we have your back and are ALWAYS here to help. It’s what we love to do. Thank you for playing along with us…YOU’RE THE BEST! And you DESERVE THE BEST! You DESERVE YOU!

Talk Soon,


Susan & Jen