Day 8: Soul Food

Remember the food pyramid from grade school? The one that showed the best amounts to eat in order to stay healthy…more veggies…less processed food and sweets?

If you have ever fail to follow it, you might have tried a fad die- one that promised amazing-sounding results, (required some sort of magical thinking) and gave you short term results.

Here’s some food for thought; how do we exercise good decision making for our emotional health and nourishment? Have you ever considered that you might be putting your emotions on a fad diet?

Maybe you tried one of these:

The Emotional Crash Diet: Restrict your intake of positive interactions and healthy behaviors, by employing the magical thinking that you aren’t worthy of being fulfilled, loved, appreciated, or listened to. Consume them in too small amounts to nourish our self-esteem.

The Emotional Fast-Food Diet: Go for the empty calories of emotionally unavailable relationships, even though they are bad for you, but are instantly gratifying. Suffer the emotional health consequences later.

The Emotional Liquid Diet: As a conditional reaction to stress, depression, or too much pressure, consume too few emotional nutrients by self-medicating with adult beverages, work, or shopping. May result in drowning your emotions, becoming numb, and shutting down.

Today’s Challenge:

You can’t have clarity when you are emotionally starved.

Write down your shopping list for this week’s healthy emotional options.

What are you going to do more of, or less of to stay healthy?

Here are some tips:

  • If you’re changing your behavior, start small. Go buffet style. Introduce healthy emotional nutrition into your life in small portions so you’re more likely to stick with it.    
  • Get plenty of exercise - meditation, affirmations and visualizations are part of a healthy emotional lifestyle.
  • Surround yourselves with healthy people – use a buddy system for emotional support, just like you do to make sure you get to the gym

Your emotional and spiritual nutrition brings a whole new meaning to soul food!

Until tomorrow…stay clear!


Susan & Jen

Today’s challenge is in the Balance area of the 5 Core Areas of Transformation. Having a healthy flow of emotions and actions is key to creating clarity in your life. We’ve got your emotional back!