Do you want the same-old-same-old for your personal growth work? 

Or a completely new way to approach to your healing...that puts you in control of shifting the energies, limiting beliefs, mindsets, behaviors and patterns...that are keeping you from connecting to your unique life purpose?

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Why is this work Different?

We use a unique combination of visioning, intentions and affirmations - the modern personal development tools used in life coaching and self discovery work...then activate the shifts you need to manifest, heal and align with your desires, dreams, goals and purpose in a whole new way...using ancient healing rituals. 

What will you do each week?

Each week you will personally explore one element/area (with prompts and exercises) to understand how healing here, can connect you to your purpose. You will create one global affirmation in that area for your healing, and participate in a LIVE group healing ritual with Susan at the end of the week.  


We use a modern mind map to identify what hasn't been working, or what's been stopping you, or blocking you, in the past.


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We create affirmations in each area to replace what wasn't working, with positive thoughts and new ways of being that are now aligned with your desires, dreams and purpose.


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We work with energy in a whole new way, using actual ancient rituals to activate the healing shifts you personally need to create the alignment.

Why do we use Rituals?

Ritual is HOT right now...

...but we use actual indigenous rituals in the ancient wisdom school that Susan was trained and initiated into. The same ones that have been healing us for thousands of years.

We want to share these rituals that create specific shifts in five core transformational areas that will help you develop, affirm and activate the intentions that will support what you need to manifest, to connect to your purpose.

What are the Five Core Areas?

We have modernized five ancient indigenous elements into five corresponding areas of personal development and self-discovery. 

This lets you work smarter NOT harder, to focus your work, and achieve the results you need.

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