Indigenous wisdom is comprised of the learning that has occurred in diverse locations around the world from people who have spent centuries deeply studying their intimate relationships with all dimensions of reality. Although such wisdom has been largely ignored, suppressed, or marginalized, more and more critical and creative thinkers are recognizing its importance.
— Don Trent Jacobs Ph.D., Ed.D

Ancient Wisdom...

We take our indigenous inspiration specifically from the Dagara tribe of West Africa, who believe that we each came here having already decided what purpose we wanted to live out in the world. It's called a GIFT.

Every GIFT was considered vital to the health and sustainability of the community. So once you were here, your "Village" wanted to recognize and help nurture your GIFT so it could be contributed to the community.

They created a container to ensure that your emotional and spiritual growth was monitored and mentored, which included having a guide, rites and rituals balanced by five energetic properties called Elements.


In my culture, before you come here, you go into the Spirit Office with your ancestors and guides and you present them with a plan of what you are going to do on the when you get here, you are not are backed by powerful forces.
— Sobonfu Somé, My Teacher and Mentor

...Modern Times.

Self help…or healing? After twenty years of working traditionally in mental health, I realized I was helping my clients to varying degrees…but was I healing them? I sought a deeper connection. I got trained in various energy work modalities. And then, even crazier than that for a small town girl from Virginia, I studied and was eventually initiated into an in ancient indigenous healing system where I learned to use ritual in the healing setting.


Modern Us. We are humans living in the modern age of distractions, in a culture manufactured by technology, and in smaller and smaller communities of support. It's no wonder we can't remember the GIFT we came with. Living Your Gifts has a holistic focus, addressing the integral health of the mind and spirit, in a communal setting where other's help you grow. We believe that emotional healing can be a spiritual journey.


Modern Container. I realized that the facilities I had worked in, the energy work modalities I was trained in, and the indigenous system of healing I was initiated into, were all 'treating' the same human struggles in the same core areas of personal development.  We integrate the indigenous Elements, with their five distinct energies, with five core areas of self development, which is designed to focus your work, making it manageable and results oriented. I guide you every step of the way. Check out the Five Core Areas of our work.

Our ancestral DNA has hundreds of thousands of years of indigenous memory that competes with a mere handful of hundreds of years of modern life.
— Karla McLaren, The Language of Emotions