Total Eclipse of the Light.

We've mentioned before that darkness is often just as good a place to grow as the light. Some aspects of your growth need darkness to germinate and gestate. But when our shadow self, fears or resistance to growth covers all our light...and we are in the dark about which way to move's time for some support.

After all, climbers don't go to the top of Everest without a sherpa. And you don't even take a hard won vacation without at least reading a guide book before you go, or booking a tour when you get there.

There's no shame in not knowing what you don't know.. And you can't get to the heights or see the good stuff without some guidance along the way.

So enjoy this week's video...and Shine on!



Help! The World Needs YOU. How Can You LEVEL UP Your Personal Growth as an Act of Revolution?

Help! The World Needs YOU. How Can You LEVEL UP Your Personal Growth as an Act of Revolution?

If you have EVER struggled with your personal more than ever...for the WORLD and for our Country...the STRUGGLE IS REAL. We need healthy people to stand up NOW. If you WANT to help, if you are being called....but you are's what to do...

Bring It: The Physical, Mental & Emotional Crossroads in Our Lives

This week in our Women's Discovery Circle we will be performing one of our most popular rituals—taught to me by my mentor Sobonfu Somé—for setting intentions around personal abundance, bounty and manifesting desires.

There are a few stages in this ritual—including a physical crossroads—where we experience ourselves poised at the point of pure potential asking— what personal power do I need to call on or call in, to power up these intentions?

It got me thinking—when I was in what could have been a sticky situation this week—that there are crossroads in our daily life that we also need to call our personal power into.

Crossroads are about choice, consequence, and deciding in what direction we want to go. When I was in this situation there was a deciding moment where I could have re-acted (and even over reacted), but I chose to call in compassion instead. I’m not saying it was easy (especially if you know this fire woman) and I haven’t always been all Dalai Lama like this in the past, when standing at this same crossroads.

The difference?

1 - I thought about the times when I hadn’t, and I reflected on where I would have ended up—with some pain, some future reconciliation needed, and maybe even—quite the opposite of empowering my intentions—with the possibility of having blowing trust up completely.

2 - I have different intentions for this situation now, and I want it to turn out differently. Positively, with a way forward into the future.


  • Before you send that text to your partner that’s going to cause a fight…
  • Make that comment to your co-worker that will create a tension filled day in the office…
  • Turn a teachable moment with your kids, into a lesson that will have to be unlearned…


  • Join in with a negative opinion of someone else…
  • Decide to care only if it’s convenient…
  • Turn to negative self talk that’s going to ruin the rest of your day…

See if you have it in you to make another choice that transforms:

  • Consumed by anger into empowered by compassion.
  • Laid out by negative self talk to being grounded by self love.
  • Overwhelmed by peer pressure into being centered by peace-of-mind (and soul).
  • Disappointment with outcomes into embracing the possibility of no expectations.

Next time you stand at any crossroads in your life—physical, mental or emotional—choose to be guided by the true north of our own personal power, and to align with your Highest and best self, or as Sobonfu calls her, the “well, healthy powerful being who has chosen to bring something unique into this world.”

Susan Hough is your Coach and Guide at Living Your Gifts. She combines the best modalities-traditional, energetic or indigenous-to help you navigate the distance between the person you are now, and the person you came here to be. Learn more here. Find out about this Thursday's event in Laguna Beach, here.

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Today’s Medicine is #Water: You Don’t Realize How Much One Action Can Really SUC....Yes SUC.

Today’s Medicine is #Water: You Don’t Realize How Much One Action Can Really SUC....Yes SUC.

If you’re not familiar with our Explainers, they’re designed to elevate one everyday action, in order to break out of your routine and into your awareness where you are operating on a conscious level.

Water itself, in our everyday lives, represents this practical and pervasive power.

5 Mini-Steps to Greet 2016 (…And Your Next Partner, Job or Project) With Confidence & Clarity.

5 Mini-Steps to Greet 2016 (…And Your Next Partner, Job or Project) With Confidence & Clarity.

It's 2016...another year...and another moment of anxiety--feeling like you want this year to be different...but you don't know how to make it happen. After all you tried last year…and maybe the year before. HINT: You Don’t Have to Change EVERYTHING in Your Life in Order for 2016 To Be Your Best Year and Your Best YOU Yet.

Clearing The Decks for Change

Clearing The Decks for Change

There are those life events, like the birth of a child, that we know are biggies. We take time off work. Friends schedule sleep overs with our kids in order to support us to show up.

Why don’t we clear the decks, and show up for our own transformation this way? Isn’t that one of the biggest things that can happen in our lives? Becoming the people we came here to be?