This Week's Elemental Medicine is #Nature

Transformation on your doorstep.

Welcome to our weekly explainer series on the Dagara Medicine Wheel. Each week we show you how one of its five distinct energies called Elements transforms, clears, amps up, or balances the energies in your own life. This week’s #Nature Medicine brings in: Magic, Transformation, Creativity, Play, and Mischief.

#Nature energy is about transformation, and transformation is about shifts. When we call in #Nature energy, we are calling in the ability or assistance to cause shifts in perspective, perception or patterns. This can help to remove a blind spot, to let in the inspiration for a creative solution, or to allow us be receptive to and accepting of change.

Here is a great way to invite the power of shift into your life on a daily basis. 

  • Plant a plant (or place a potted plant) just outside the door of your home.
  • Each time you re-enter your house, stop and take a centering moment with it. Touch it's leaves. Ask for magic, transformation and shift to manifest in your life today. 
  • You can ask for help with something specific: to remove a blind spot about an issue you just had at work, or for a shift in perspective with a relationship you are about to step into at home.
  • Acknowledge your natural counterpart and give a little gratitude for it's help and presence in your life.

#ItsElemental Medicine at its core is really about creating the times and ways to bring your awareness fully into the present. It's how you bring healing into your life. It's the opportunity to string enough of those moments together to think, feel and act as that well, healthy person you came in to be, until you remember who she is.

P.S. You can do this at the beginning of the day as well. When you leave the house, ask for the magic, transformation and shifts you need to remember YOU.

P. P. S. Catch our #ItsElemental #Nature video tip later this week, and watch past tips here.

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