Create An Annual Family "Give Back" Ritual

 Have you heard this one-liner? “You can’t be grateful and unhappy at the same time.” 

Welcome to our weekly #It'sElemental explainer series. Each week we show you how one of the Elements can transform, clear, amp up, or balance the energies in your life. This week #Earth Medicine brings in the energy of the heart, community, nurturing, identity and grounded-ness.

Bring it in:

This Holiday, let everyone in your family choose a 'Giving Back' project that expresses something about each person. Maybe your step-daughter wants to donate to a Kickstarter fund that helps educate girls, or your son wants the family to volunteer at the local food pantry, or you want to collect presents for kids in need.

  • Each family member gets to pitch their project- and in the process everyone gets to know something about everyone.
  • You get to do the project together.
  • Choose the project out of a hat, or establish a rotation to to show that this is going to be an ongoing 'ritual,' and that next year, a different family member will choose the project...whatever you want to create together.
  • Everyone is doing something important for someone else. 
  • You are giving your family and children a practical way to prioritize their feelings around the Holidays.

When we are in the practice of gratitude, we have a reset button that allows us to call forth a new way of feeling, being, or seeing that shifts the paradigm of the current moment. 

After the project. Talk about how you feel. Write down how you feel differently after. You can even start an annual family gratitude journal. Keep pics of the event. The practice of GRATITUDE allows us to find the language to rename the moment. 

Gratitude allows us to exhale the past and inhale the future.

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