The Dagara Medicine Wheel’s five Elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature – have their own energetic Medicine that is called in to balance, clear, or amp up specific energetic fields in your life. We bring you a Daily Elemental Tip, a bite-sized bomb of inspiration– with a daily activity to energize your day!


Tip O' The Day: Welcome Home!

One of our basic human needs is being able to know if we feel that we are welcome. This can extend to your own home, or office, or other space where you spend a lot of time, and where you want to feel at peace and grounded.

The Spirit of the Earth Element is about nurturing, empowering others, and making people 'feel at home.'

Why not extend this yourself? What is one thing you can do today to make yourself feel Welcome- when you enter or are spending time in your space? Do you have a favorite flower or plant that you walk by at the market that you decide not to put in your cart?

Why not make a commitment to have one on your desk or kitchen windowsill? 

Give yourself permission to make Welcoming a priority in your life. You may feel that something as simple as a flower, isn't as important as a lot of the other tasks on your list, or isn't really capable of making that much difference.

But when you catch a glimpse of it, or smell its fragrance:

  • You are inviting the Spirit of Welcome into your inner space as well, it communicates to you, that what you like, and what makes you feel grounded and peaceful is important.
  • It acts as a simple form of ritual- which we define as 'an act with intention, as a tool for healthy living.'
  • It empowers your identity. If you are having a rough day in the office, ground yourself by touching or smelling it.

Is there a house or gardening project you have been 'meaning to get to?' You know how good you will feel when you get to it. Take one step today - sketch out the project, or set aside the time this weekend to hit the local home supply- and maybe get a few helping hands while kids are home for Summer.

Empower yourself to be welcome in your own sapce. You will thank yourself. You're Welcome!

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