Take Off Your Hats: Grounding Into The Mother Within

There have been many times in my life when I’ve been wearing too many hats. Mom, Chauffeur, Chef, Professional, and Friend to name a few.

As a woman, I’m often inclined to offer a “yes” to everything that comes my way. Because our society trains us to believe that we must be able to “do it all,” and “have it all” (all the while being pleasant and put-together), we become Superwoman.

But wearing so many hats can deplete us, disconnecting us from the vital Earth element.  This week, as we reflect on the element of Earth, I’m inviting you to ask yourself some questions.

·      What if I didn’t do it all?

·      What if I slowed down and wore only one hat at a time?

·      What if I played to my true strengths and gifts in a more grounded way?

The Earth element, at its core, is about mothering. And what if we reconnected to living our gifts so that we are more able to nurture ourselves, to mother ourselves, and to, as a result, show up for those we love as a true Superwoman? A Superwoman grounded in herself and her identity.

Mothering ourselves would mean that we’d stop pretending that we can wear every hat. It would mean instead beginning to notice what we love and what we are best at. Valuing that we all show up in this life with different gifts and that no one person should rightfully be expected to do it all. And in that knowledge, we would trust those around us to help us, to complete us, in a sense.

Earth also calls us to connect with community. I look back to my childhood in a small town and there truly was a village looking after me back then. Aunts, grandparents, teachers, and the parents of my friends all had a concern for my care and safety. All of them shining in their own gifts and talents to build a village that could nurture its young. In this culture, sadly, we’ve lost much of that vital connection. And in that loss, we not only sacrifice our connection to ourselves and others, but to Earth. To the strong power that grounds us in presence.

In the villages of the Dagara tradition, a person is named for their specific and individual gift. “Keeper of the Rituals,” “Healer with Touch,” or “Leader of Prayer” could be your actual name, depending upon which special gift you’ve brought into this life. Imagine being called by name and for that calling to be a reminder of who you truly are, day after day, multiple times a day. I know that if each time someone wanted my attention that they were saying to me “Intuitive Activist” instead of “Susan” that I would probably remain much more in alignment with my calling. As we get caught up in the present moment, moving quickly through tasks and interactions, I sure wish we had a subtle reminder that would bring us back home again. Back to the truth of our identity.

So this week, ask yourself to connect with Earth. Ask yourself what it would look and feel like to wake up each morning and allow yourself to be more present. What would it feel like to wake up and not put on all of the hats? To wake up and instead, choose the hat of our truest gift and to share that throughout the day. To step into our bodies and fully honor the feelings and occurrences that greet us throughout the day…

Wouldn’t that be the best way we can mother ourselves, just as the Earth mothers us?

And that’s what Earth reminds us to do. To discover our own ways to align with our callings, take off the multitude of hats that we wear that don’t fit us, and stand grounded in the best of what we bring.

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