#It'sElemental: This Week's Medicine is #Water

Round Water Element.jpg

It's time for this week's #ItsElemental and I am so glad to be bringing you some info and tips on the powerful #Element of Water.

Are you feeling a little out of sorts after last week's Super Moon, too? Water's energy is all about going with the flow to find peace – feeling what you feel and letting it go. So it's the perfect time to call in water and invite stability and clearing. 

Think about it. Water produces positive change that generates life itself. Water gives life. Water IS life. We come from earth but earth did not exist without water. So water lays claim, then purifies, then brings life. It reconciles and quiets down that which is trapped in a crisis, and cools the burning psyche, granting serenity. Opposite of fire, water seeks to balance disorder. To seek water is to seek balance.

And importantly, associated with focus, water encourages us to slow down to notice what is maybe being overlooked as we operate in our lives at high speed. 

I know so many of us can relate to the calming feeling that water welcomes. How many times in your own life have you retreated to a waterfront when you needed to slow down and find your rhythm again? I know water has healed my soul on many occasions and I'm not the only one! 

So for the #WaterTip? I want you to call in a water blessing this week. In so many sacred traditions, we are baptized and healed by water rituals. What if we had our own ritual at home of asking to be blessed by this higher power? When you're washing your hands, the dishes, showering or even watering your beloved plants, try calling in water spirits to allow your own cleansing. Mindfully let the water pour over you and invite a cooling flow back into your life so that you can gracefully move through your week.

Keep on the look out for our Video #WaterTip coming out this week as well!

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