A 3-Step To-Do List To Achieve Clarity In Your Life

Summer is winding down here in Laguna Beach, CA. The three million people who yearly drop in to our beach town in June, July and August have gone back to school, the beaches are clearing out, and the locals are breathing a collective end-of-the-summer-in-a-tourist-town sigh of relief.

When you live here, Summer brings lots of distractions– traffic jams in our one way in and one way out Pacific Coast Highway town, longer waits and lines everywhere, and absolutely no parking anywhere. Plus, the beach beckons (but computers and sand don’t mix), friends want to visit, and vacations disrupt normal work and business schedules.

It takes a lot of focus, extra planning, and changing some winter routines, in order to keep ‘normal life’ rolling along and goals, plans and schedules on track.

The same goes for achieving clarity around what we truly want in our lives. A lot (or most) of the time, we can dream up the big vision for our life…then we become distracted by ordinary life’s duties, demands and to-do’s.

How can we create a to-do list for the higher work of our lives?

One the one hand we long to experience the emotions of the big lives we are planning, but we are dragging along a whole set of opposite emotions from our past that are working against us. We get triggered by from-the-past-patterns, and allow limiting beliefs to drive us to distracting behaviors instead of creating a space for clarity.

  • We hang with people who don’t share our values
  • We jump into over stimulating activities, or numbing out ones (…oh Netflix you enticing time sucking devil, you...)
  • We assume we just can’t do it
  • We don’t ask for help
  • We set goals, we don’t have the support to achieve, then blame ourselves when we ‘fail’

We get stuck. And we end up playing it safe.

But clarity work can absolutely create a path out of your comfort zone.

Here is a 3-step to-do list to achieve clarity in your life.

In the same way that we plan, and make to-do’s for the mundane goals in our life, we need to create a get-it-done framework for our life’s Higher work.

Clarity isn’t just a destination, to the ‘whats’ that we want in our lives. Clarity is a practice and a transformational process in and of itself.

A transformational process involves changing a state of being, a belief or a life pattern, from its current form, to its healed form. More than self help- it’s alchemical soul-work that begets the aha! moments of true self discovery, and the breakthroughs that actually change your life.

1.     Commit. Going after clarity requires that you acknowledge it is 100% your responsibility.

2.     Get the support you need to deal with the stuck points and growing pains that send your soul-plans sideways. For a lot of us this in itself involves breaking a pattern. Deciding we are worth of getting help, and acknowledging that our feelings, desires and dreams are valuable enough to be realized. Find a friend or a pro who can help you shine a light into the dark places and blind spots of your past to flip the switch on the pains, deep disappointments, and trauma wounds that are still festering, from hurt to healed. Otherwise they are going to continue to send your life trajectory on a major detour.

3.     Engage in radical self honesty. I know…who really wants to do that? Well…you do. Holding up a mirror to ourselves is one of the hardest things we will ever do, but it’s the only way into the place where this work gets done. Explore and acknowledge how you distract yourself and create mini-steps to change your behavior. (See mine below.)

My commitment to Clarity:

First I’m setting an intention to complete these mini-steps to stop myself from starting in on my favorite distracting activities.

I will only do 1 hour per day of TV, and limit my social media consumption.

Instead, any other activities that I do, have to involve connecting to Spirit, and allowing myself to feel my feelings. I will read something that opens me to my Higher work, or get in the pool or take a walk, or be in nature. I will find a story that makes me feel good or listen to uplifting or meditative music– to open up a space for clarity to come in.

What can you create by giving yourself one clarity mini-task a day? Time to research a passion, call or connect to someone in your industry, clean a drawer with the symbolic intention of creating a space for clarity?

Let us help you out! We are going to step in and give you a 21-Day Creating Clarity To-Do List Challenge.

Starting next week, stop by our Facebook page to catch our daily post with a mini-step to commit to clarity in about 5 minutes a day. You don’t have to sign up for anything, or give us your email, but you do need to like us so you get the posts. Tons of research is proving that it takes 21 days to change a behavior and form a new habit (just Google it; you’ll see.) What better habit, than instilling your practice of gaining clarity?

It’s a practice that leads to:

  • Trusting yourself that the decisions you are making are in YOUR highest and best interest
  • Turning off the inner critic
  • Opening to the signs that validate your intuition
  • Having the confidence and courage to commit to take the next step into the unknown
  •  Having clear priorities and expectations

Let’s commit to our Highest Self work and take this journey to clarity together. Ashe!

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