Calling In Guidance

If you’ve been following along, maybe you know that things in my own life have been topsy-turvy lately. And I am truly so grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities and projects that I have going on, but let’s be honest. Sometimes in the midst of busyness and change we can begin to speed through life with a fiery passion, forgetting to calm ourselves, to re-center, and to go within.

And sometimes in the work that I do, it’s hard to remember to take my own advice, too. I was reminded last week of a vital message that we all must hold onto if we’re truly invested in aligning and connecting to our deepest selves: and that is the message that when we’re running a little wild or beginning to feel things going out of our control, maybe feeling a little upside down or sideways, we can always call on our trusted spirit advisors to bring us back to center.

And the most magical part is that if we’ve taken the time and care to develop a relationships with our spirit guides and our ancestors, then we can trust that sometimes they will sense that we need them and they will show up for us to guide us back to ourselves.

An example of this very phenomenon came just last week, as I was full of energy and busier than ever. I was preparing for an event, was in the midst of a website redesign and helping to put the finishing touches on a piece of work that I am so proud of. My fire was running fast. I took a moment to calm myself, to center myself and asked my ancestors for help, actually I asked them “I just need to know you are here, and that I am on the right path.”

All of a sudden, the clearest message came from the spirit world, specifically from my Mom, Wanda. It was the piercing sound of a car horn, loud as can be.

When my Mother was passing, and I was in the process of saying goodbye, I told her, ‘Mom, you need to let me know when you are going to be with me, I need to know that you will still be here, helping me.’

She said…'Susan…you will know. I will blow a horn so loud, you will have no doubt that it’s me.'

At her funeral, when I got up to give the eulogy…my friend’s car horn went off…and it didn’t stop…and we couldn’t shut it off. Wanda was speaking to me.

Spirit can work in that way. It can call us back to center, sending us messages through symbols and sounds and songs. Through dreams, through people speaking or using sayings that our ancestor’s did that might be out of character for them; and through animals or signs.

But the important part is that we’re listening. That we’re listening and watching and aware all the time so that when our guides or our ancestors are calling us back to center, back to ourselves, we are open to receive the message.

The Element of fire teaches us to nurture our relationships with our guides and ancestors. It teaches us to have an open dialogue with those who protect and guide us. For me, cardinals remind me that my father’s spirit is nearby and horns remind me of my mother’s guiding presence (and if you knew my mother, you would understand!).

Take this opportunity to call in your own guides and ask them to show you how they will communicate with you on this earth. And then be open to receiving their loving (or loud) messages as you navigate the ups, the downs, the topsy and the turvy.

Susan Hough is an Intuitive Activist Life Coach connecting people to their GIFT- their unique life purpose. If you would like to experience profound transformation in your life, and peel back the layers to expose the whole, well, healthy person you came in to be, contact her: susan@lvingyourgifts | (703) 505-5152 or visit her Coaching page: here.

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