Clearing The Decks for Change

I became a Great Aunt this week. My nephew and his wife brought a beautiful baby boy into our lives and into the world. Nothing short of a miracle.

There are those life events, the birth of a child, that we know are biggies. We take time off work. Friends schedule sleep overs with our kids in order to support us to show up.

Why don’t we clear the decks, and show up for our own transformation this way? Isn’t that one of the biggest things that can happen in our lives? Becoming the people we came here to be?

But, we have to go to work. We can’t always send the kids away (priorities.) We have to carve out time for it, or to be at a certain place in our lives (timing). We need certain things that we don’t have right now, in order to do it (expectations).

Our lives are always going to be full and hectic– with some things that we will plan, and with some things that will be unexpected.

This is actually, exactly what our transformation needs.


You are here for a reason. You are not an accident. You are here because you are a well, healthy, powerful being who has chosen to bring something unique into this world.
— Sobonfu Somé

That something unique…your life purpose…your GIFT– that is the part of you that never changes. Things around you change. But you actually need change and life experiences, both trails and tribulations, to catalyze diverse aspects of your personal growth.

Maybe you need to take that temporary job in order to spark the courage to go out on your own. Maybe you need to get out of that not-really-all-that-relationship, in order to align path’s with your soul mate.

Change happens so you see distinctive sides of yourself that set off the necessary transformational chain reactions. Learn how to surf the waves of change in your life, and use it as a tool to grow.

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