This Week's Medicine is #Fire

Create an ancestor Shrine at This Week's Holiday Gathering...

Welcome to our weekly explainer series on the Dagara Medicine Wheel. Each week we show you how one of its five distinct energies called Elements transforms, clears, amps up, or balances the energies in your own life. This week’s #Fire: Connection To Ancestors And The Spirit Realm, Purpose, Passion, Intuition.

Our families aren't just made up of the members who will be sitting around our table this year. Our ancestors provide the roots that hold our history, lineage and heritage together.

At your next Holiday gathering:

  • Ask each member to bring framed photos of their ancestors and loved ones.
  • Choose a space with enough room for several pictures (and if you can, have it near the table, where the family action happens.)
  • Start with a few photos already in place, and ask your family members to add their photos to the tableau.
  • Before the meal, have everyone gather for a Blessing, prayer, or speech. Light a red candle, and acknowledge your departed family members. Ask them to be present at your meal. 
  • Your family members can say something about the photos, tell a favorite story, etc. if you wish.
  • At the end of the evening, blow out the candle before the photos are removed.
  • Do it every year, as a new family ritual!

...A Healing Ritual

This is can be a  great healing ritual for new 'blended' families, especially if it is the first holiday where step children, and parents are together with your own children. As our families change, so must our definition. This ritual can help YOU and your family reimagine and reformulate your definition of family. Arrange your children and step children's photos together at the gathering. As you 'blend' this ancestral family together, talk about how you are blending your new family together as well. Remember: The act of re-energizing or re-creating family rituals establishes a foundation of support for you and your children, and it allows you to act by example, showing them a positive way to move forward.

If you don't have the kids this year - make a shrine anyway. In the Dagara tradition, like many ancient traditions, the ancestors are called upon for support. Call in the divine support YOU need to 'get through' the Season with ease and grace.

—If you have recently lost a loved one, this is one way to have an honored place at your family gathering, and where you can tell them how much they are loved and missed, and thank them for what they contributed to the family.

P. S. Catch our #ItsElemental #Fire video tip later this week, and watch past tips here.

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