This Week's Medicine is #Earth: Stay Grounded During the Holidaze

This is one of my favorite rituals from my mentor and friend Sobonfu Somé—and I have been thinking a lot about it as we head into the home stretch of the Holidays, as our to-do lists get longer, and the days seem to get shorter.

Welcome to our weekly #It'sElemental explainer series. Each week we show you how one of the Elements can transform, clear, amp up, or balance the energies in your life. This week #Earth Medicine brings in the energy of the heart, community, nurturing, identity and grounded-ness.

This is a sweet (but powerful) Dagara ritual, that I want to share that can help you stay grounded during this busy time. 

Sobonfu gave us this ritual during our training in her ritual Healing Village, and I have used it ever since. This ritual will sound simple, however, remember what our definition of ritual is here around here; it's to act with intention as a tool for healthy living. That's it. So this ritual is about the intention of bringing grounded-ness into your awareness, and your active conscious life.

What you need: a bowl and some earth. (That's it) Beside also, your intentions.

The first version of this ritual requires that you:

  • Get some dirt (preferably from near where you were born, but) from your current home works, too.
  • Put the dirt in the bowl, and place under your bed at night. 
  • Be conscious that it is in your presence and that it has a purpose: to invite grounding earth energy into your life. 

A variation on this ritual is: when you wake in the morning, step into, or rub some of the dirt on your feet, again consciously connecting with it and brining grounded-ness into your awareness.

For indigenous peoples ritual was a way of life. As humans, we (still) need to break our routines, and break into our awareness from time to time, in order to connect with the deeper energies that feed our soul and Self. In our crazy modern lives, we need to make this a practice. And we will keep brining you wisdom and rituals to check in and stay connected. Ashe!

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