This Week's Medicine is #Fire

If you're anything like me, your ‪#‎Fire‬ has been running HOT lately! Which makes this the perfect time to check in with another ‪#‎ItsElemental‬, in order to remind us all how we can balance the presence of the elements in our day to day lives.

When my #Fire Element is going wild, I often find myself spinning a little too fast, moving through the motions of my life without enough connection. That might look like zipping through events and meetings without much concentration, forgetting important deadlines or appointments and, especially, misplacing things!

I knew my #Fire had control when I misplaced my keys for the millionth time in the last week. Luckily, I remembered an important ritual that I have in my arsenal and would like to share it here with you as this week's #ItsElemental tip!

It's so simple. When you can feel yourself running too fast, I'd ask that you do something that might seem counterintuitive: bring in more connection to the unseen the spirit world your ancestors! Yes! I choose a favorite red candle, bring it over to my coffee table and mindfully light it up, asking for the fire spirits to take a breath with me. Asking for my ancestors to surround me and reground me.

And then? I find my keys. Voila!

I'd love to hear what you do to get reconnected when you're running too fast. Share in the comments below!

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