This Week's Medicine is #Earth

It’s time to get comfy!

Welcome to our weekly explainer series on the Dagara Medicine Wheel. Each week we show you how one of its five distinct energies called Elements transforms, clears, amps up, or balances the energies in your own life. This week’s #Earth Medicine brings in: The energy of heart, home, nurturing, community, identity and grounded-ness.

What is one of the best times of the day? I bet we can all agree, it’s coming home from school, work or the office, and taking a load off by changing into our ‘comfy’ clothes – be that PJ’s, workout gear, or the proverbial sweatpants (!)

Why not make this simple daily act a ritual?

Here at Living Your Gifts our definition of ritual is simple: (v.) to act with intention as a tool for healthy living. Transformation is a profound and powerful thing. But realize you can also invite it into your life in humble, personal ways that result in the same life altering shifts. This is no less true when inviting in the nurturing energy of the Earth Element.

Earth energy centers in our heart, and often our home is the center of our personal, family and community lives. Earth energy also empowers us to put self-care at the center of our lives.

Performing your own earth ritual can be a profound daily re-presencing to you.

Make A Transformational Transition

At the end of your ‘work’ day, before you either settle in with your spouse, your family or yourself for your evening home activities:

  • Create a sacred space.  (This doesn’t mean lighting a bunch of candles and chanting a mantra- but feel free to do so if that is what you need.)
  • Really, this can be as simple an acknowledging to yourself that you are inviting in the nurturing energy of earth as you transition into your home environment for the evening.
  • Grab your ‘comfy’ clothes!
  • As you change, consciously, with intention, let go of the stresses and issues of the day. Acknowledge what was difficult and what you need support in dealing with tomorrow, and ask that that any feelings of inadequacy, or self-sabotage be taken from you. Give gratitude for the successes (big and small) of the day, recognizing what you were able to accomplish.
  • Ask to be present in your body. When you are grounded: your body is a safe place for your Soul and True Self.
  • Ask to be present and in your home and for any family members who may need you. Ask that your giving to them is nourishing to you as well.
  • Free yourself to be present and grounded for the rest of the evening!

P.S. You can even do this at the beginning of the day. When you get dressed in your work/school clothes in the morning, ask for the support you need to complete the day’s tasks ahead, and ask to be in complete alignment with the GIFTS you are to bring into the world.

P. P. S. How can you bring the nurturing and grounding energy of the ‪#‎Earth‬ Element into your day? Watch Susan show you how.

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