All You Do Is Talk Talk.

In honor of Women's Health Week....what's one of the healthiest things that you (and of course men, too) can do?

How about stopping the negative self talk?

How would your life be different if you stopped talking about yourself behind your own back?

Negative self talk, and the fear underneath it, causes resistance in our lives: a very powerful energy and signal that we really don’t/want what we say we want in our lives.

If you are trying to start that project (again) but you SAY, I can’t create a million dollar business, or someone is doing it better than me, or I don’t deserve it…you are putting that in the space of what could be possible for you. If you want a relationship, and follow that up with, 'but there's no one good out there,' who are you going to find?

You need to keep space open as a CLEARING for what is supposed to be coming your way. Stop filling it with what you don't want to happen. Watch this week's spiRITUAL Video.