Help! The World Needs YOU. How Can You LEVEL UP Your Personal Growth as an Act of Revolution?

If you have EVER struggled with your personal more than ever...for the WORLD and for our Country...the STRUGGLE IS REAL. We need healthy people to stand up NOW. If you WANT to help, if you are being called....but you are's what to do...

Here’s the GOOD news…when you're in the you-know-what of your life….when you’re in overwhelm…when you don’t know where or to whom to turn…when you’re in complete BREAKDOWN…it means you’re on the edge of a BREAKTHROUGH. 


We will get to that in a minute…but first let’s talk about the BREAKDOWN part of the scenario.

Ancient wisdom would have called the BREAKDOWN, a rite of passage.

The BREAKDOWN is the moment where you feel like you’re completely in the dark…but it’s also the moment when your closest to getting that ONE piece of information that you need, right at THAT point in your personal journey, when you're poised to LEVEL UP your personal growth – if you had a system, guidance, and tools to empower you with the courage, wisdom, and understanding to get to the other side.

What if you had a process to take you to the next step…and the next step…and the next supported step of your personal growth journey?

…and what if it was based on ancient wisdom?

Let's step in the way-back machine for a moment.

I knew from a VERY early age, that helping people was my calling. In school, they would even put me in the classes with kids who needed help, because they knew I always would. Then I went into mental health, and even though they gave me the hardest cases, after 20 years working in very traditional facilities and group homes, I knew that it wasn’t the BEST way…or MY best way to do it.

So I started getting, what was then called ALTERNATIVE healing training – in energy work, and intuitive activation – and then I hit my healing MOTHER LOAD....I read, The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, by Sobonfu Somé. I tracked her down for 6 months, and three years later, which was pretty crazy for a small town girl from Virginia – I was one of a handful of Westerners to get initiated into the rites, rituals, and healing wisdom of her tradition.

That's when it clicked in for me as a helper and a healer.

I’m still being mentored by Sobonfu today, and I’m combining all of my years of experience, and all of my training, and healing methods to bring life coaching based on traditional, energetic, and ancient wisdom…for modern times.

Why is this important?

Our forefathers and foremothers (and foregrandfaters and foregrandmothers) ALREADY had a system to help people, and to monitor their emotional and spiritual growth.  If it wasn’t broken…why did we (try) to fixit?

“NEW” Way: Modern and Western Self Help (which isn’t always Self-Healing) tends to stop at the head/brain level…it doesn’t go into your heart….and into your Soul. As humans, we don’t JUST have MENTAL BLOCKS, we also have EMOTIONAL BLOCKS…and even SPIRITUAL BLOCKS, that keep us from connecting to our original person and purpose, in our modern lives.  And to be honest, our Spiritual Blocks can be just as painful as our emotional ones…

“OLD” Way: In this beautiful and deeply human tradition they believe you came in with the purpose you wanted to live in the world. Actually, before you came, you went into the Spirit Office, and met with your guides, God, your ancestors, and you TOLD them what you were going to do. They gave you their “stamp of approval" - then when you arrived in your Come-Unity; they took it from there…they knew you are bringing something the world needed, and they needed, in - and they knew it was their JOB to help you remember and live it.

They were ready. They were prepared. And they understood about the interdependence of your mind-emotions; and keeping you connected to the Spirit-Soul-Source that blessed your mission. 

How does this apply to your MODERN personal growth?

Well, consider that we are bringing back: living your purpose, as your way of life.

Like I said, they had a system to make sure that you made it to the other side of BREAKDOWN (or your rite of passage), to make sure that you were able to SEE, GET and ACTIVATE the information you needed to recover in that BREAKDOWN, in order to LEVEL UP your personal growth. (I.e.: to stay connected to your purpose…which they called your GIFT.)

Our work - Coaching, tools, and we are adding community - are designed to BREAKTHROUGH all of the types of BLOCKS you have, in order to help you remember the person you came here to be, and the purpose you came to live.

We work in FIVE core areas of growth, grounded in this ancient tradition, to breakthrough emotional. mental and spiritual BLOCKS - so you are always prepared to LEVEL UP to your next opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

Self-Recovery Work: The Well, Healthy, Powerful Being You Came Here to Be.

At every juncture, crossroads, and growth opportunity you had in your life where you DIDN’T have the guidance, the information, or you weren’t old enough (etc) - to LEVEL UP; a block got created in one of your life areas, and you experienced a disconnect in knowing who you are and why you’re here. We find and remove those blocks, and return you to the well, healthy person you came to be, to do your work. You HAVE to be healthy to do this work. You are “healthy” when you are no longer living in your pain body…when you release your BLOCKS, align with your purpose, and live in your SOUL body - the one that knows how to help you do what you need to do. You DO have to go through (or at least make a few stops in your past…but don’t let that deter you…let it inspire you. Don't be afraid to go through the past to heal your present: you will actually be picking up valuable clues as to who you REALLY are; and WHY you are HERE.

Are You Waking UP? Get Tools...for Your Inner Journey.

A lot of Coaches work with people in do we....with people in transition onto a more Spiritual path of healing....with for the first time...or in earnest. When you are out there looking for your MIGHT miss it, because...your PURPOSE isn’t so much ONE thing, like we are led to believe in our modern culture. It’s also A LOT about timing and alignment. It’s the PROCESS of your growth, and it’s the difference between going into BREAKDOWN blind, or going in with the tools to extract the information (the lesson) you need, to LEVEL UP. We give you a set of tools and information in each area, so you can respond to your present, and create a future aligned with your PURPOSE. We go both ways here - modern; prompts, exercises and tips that work out your mental and emotional blocks….and we go “ancient:” with some of the actual rituals I was taught by Sobonfu, and some that I've modernized for your modern growth journey (because we live in a very different world.) If that word is scary and foreign; here’s our definition: an exercise to act with intention, as a tool for healthy living. Plus: doing something physical, can break you out of your unconscious…and get you into your conscious...where HEALING and transformation can happen. 

Find Your Welcoming Come-Unity.

You can do all  the work you want on yourself….but if you don’t ALSO surround yourself with like-minded, healthy people, who SEE you and ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER you to be YOUR HIGHEST SELF…the gains you make, won’t stick. Our Community is not ONLY about people though, it’s also about the type of space we create. It’s SACRED space. In the ancient tradition, they would always create an altar during ritual. It was the designated place to take and release the pain and burden you brought into ritual…and then walk away from, healed. Without this kind of sacred space in our modern lives, we make PEOPLE and SITUATIONS into altars THAT CAN’T HOLD OUR SH*T. 

Are you ready to take the JOURNEY to your PURPOSE? Are you READY to give the world what you came with?

After everything that has gone down lately, we are re-committing to our Mission here at Living Your Gifts. We want to make as many healthy people as we the world (including your family, your work place, and all of your Come-Unities) have the GIFTS needed to heal, transform, and SHIFT the paradigm.

So if you have been wondering what to's simple. Heal yourself. Now more than ever, it's an act of revolution. 

(If you're READY...start HERE.)