This Week's Medicine is Water

It’s time to get some garlic! No, we are not creating a retreat in Transylvania...garlic isn't just for's also used in today's ritual!

Welcome to our weekly explainer series on the Dagara Medicine Wheel. Each week we show you how one of its five distinct energies called Elements transforms, clears, amps up, or balances the energies in your own life. This week’s #Water Medicine brings in: balance, the ability to go with the flow, removing obstacles, creating boundaries and peace. It works in the realm of feelings and emotions.

Is there that in your office that makes your meetings...difficult? Is there a project you are working onand your collaborators make you want to run for the hills...but you can't. Or maybe...since it's the are thinking about that family gathering that you wish wasn't going to show up on your calendar this year...but guess what? It's looming on the horizon.


Sometimes, we need boundaries. And when you work with, or live with, or visit with people who don't have them so clearly defined? It's time to call in some protection.

This is a ritual Sobonfu handed down to me, and I use it often. Next time you know you will be in a challenging situation, pop an unpeeled clove of garlic in your purse or pocket. Remember that our definition of ritual around here is pretty simple: (v.) to act with intention as a tool for healthy living. Something as 'simple' as including a garlic accessory, simply serves to contune to draw your awareness to your situation during the day and reflect on the boundaries YOU are able to create in order to remove psychic obstacles and allow you to move through your day with ease and grace. 

P.S. Don't un-peel your garlic clove while it's on your person (smelly!) and don't use it for cooking afterwards. It's absorbing the toxins in your environment.

P.P.S. As usual...look out for our video installment of this explainer with Susan later this week.

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