How do I help you FIND your GIFTS?

Do you feel irritated and unfulfilled? Like you are surviving but not thriving in your life? Do you feel lost, like you're just drifting through? Don't know exactly what you want to happen, but you know you need to experience a shift? Do you feel that 'something is...missing? Perfect. This is actually a great place to start. 

Take the Guess Work out of Your Healing.

There are three reasons why healing can be elusive in our modern world.

  • ·      Work smarter not harder on your healing – by using a system and a Coach.

    ·      Where do you begin YOUR healing journey? – Ditch cookie-cutter coaching that doesn’t address YOUR specific needs. Excavate your life for the wounds, traumas and blind spots that are keeping YOU from leading your unique purpose driven life.

    ·      Develop New Ways of Being (NWOB’s) that create your framework for self healing.



Time to shine a light...

Get some One-on-One Coaching to blast through that unconscious pile of stuff that's keeping you in the dark. Once you are back in the light, we can draw up a road map for your transformational journey. No more wondering. You will know exactly what to do. Step by step.

Take my signature eCourse. This is your opportunity to find your own light sources, with at-your-own-pace self exploration exercises and coaching in five areas where those unconscious hurts can happen; but where healing happens as well. Join other transforming women seeking also!



Maybe you are going through a transition- kids are leaving for school; or you are a new Mom. Maybe you just got divorced or you are moving into a new phase of life (20's, 30's 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's?). Maybe you are leaving or re-starting that corporate job; or finally trying to start that passion project. Let's turn that transition into a transformation instead!


I meet you exactly where you are on your healing journey.

Ready for action? Scroll down to see which Coaching path is right for you...right now....

You have a contagious energy that forces me to connect to the emotions that constantly slip away from me. Thank you for keeping me on track.
— Michelle
This one-on-one work with Susan, brought me back into my has become the most useful tool I have been given to re-align myself with my own lasting healing.”
— Jen