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How do I help you FIND your GIFTS? 

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Do you feel irritated and unfulfilled? Like you are surviving but not thriving in your life? Don't know exactly what you want to happen, but you know you need a shift?

This is the perfect place to start! As we work together in five core areas of healing, I will discover exactly what you sense is 'missing,' and with 30 years of coaching experience, I will guide you every step of the way...back to YOU. And before you say, 'I don't have a unique purpose,' stop yourself—we're going to blow right through that story. 

Why don't other coaching systems work?

Three reasons:

#1. There is a difference between making changes and making change in your life. You might come to coaching thinking you want help finding a new relationship (specific change), when you actually need to change what's causing you to have the same type of relationships in your life. I will help you tackle the process of your healing process...mind shifts and all.

#2. Cookie-cutter Coaching can lead to self-help, but not always to self-healing. Self help tools (coaching, books, support groups, courses, etc.) must identity what YOU need to heal, which is related to what has occurred in YOUR life—cookie cutter approaches might not address YOUR needs, and may be why you haven’t gotten results. Don't give up or beat yourself up. Let's excavate your life for the wounds, traumas and blind spots keeping YOU from leading your unique purpose driven life.

#3. Meaningful change is made using a system of support. Think of the times in your life when you achieved a goal. Chances are you followed a system or a script, you gave yourself time to complete it, you got the help you needed to make all of the elements work, and you went into it knowing you were going to get something of real personal value. Take the guess work out of your healing! As your guide, working with you in a few core transformational areas, together we will create a life-long self-healing framework so you lead a purpose driven life...for life!

Manageable, targeted healing work that creates results.