Whether you are just starting out, or you are already in a long term relationship, the work for couples is similar to our 1:1 clientsbut it's unique.

Consider that both of you are bringing limiting beliefs, misaligning mindsets, and 'from-your-past-patterns' into the relationship. Consider how frustrated, stopped and triggered you get in your own life from your past—and now you are adding a whole other person's 'stuff' in as well. Together we will work to create a clearing for productive and compassionate communication, that builds love, trust and respect. 

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Strategy Session



Let's begin to identify the core values you want to build your relationship on, as well as the triggers that may be causing breakdowns. Together we set the expectations for your healthy, productive relationship. Leave the Session understanding the clear next step to take in your journey together.

  • Couples Coaching assessment and strategy session (75 Minutes)
  • $150.00

Create a Clearing

Let's continue to work on recognizing individual triggers that disruptive behavior and communication, and create a clearing for common ground, to rebuild trust and promote productivity. 

  • Four Couples Coaching Sessions (50 Minutes each)
  • Two FREE 15-minute ‘We're Stuck and Need Help” phone check-ins
  • Schedule your own appointments
  • $420.00

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Ready For The Next Step?

When big life events happen (getting ready to move in, or get married, or to heal from major breaches of trust, or to uncouple) set expectations, lessen upsets and get to the next stage with ease and grace.

  • Eight Couples Coaching Session (50 Minutes)
  • Three FREE 15-minute ‘We're Stuck and Need Help” phone check-ins
  • Schedule your own appointments
  • $900.00

“We learned that some of the habitual arguments we were having, were actually being caused by events in our own past. Now, we can understand what's happening, we are more compassionate with each other, and it’s totally changed our communication."
-- Ben & Angela, Los Angeles, CA