Practice makes...Process.

...we don't say practice make perfect, because there is no such thing. Your healing journey is just that- a journey. You never know what life will bring, but you can know how you will deal with it. Especially if you have tools to stay aligned with your purpose. Bring healing into your every day life.

What's a Container?

Indigenous cultures had tried and true methods, tools and wisdom (called a container) to monitor and mentor emotional and spiritual growth. 

Relax & Receive.

Relax. Let your mind take a deep breath. Allow the power of the Elemental energies open your awareness and ignite your insight.


Get WIse.

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Rite on.

Rock my rituals. I demystify the practice of rituals, creating a kick butt sacred space you can enter from anywhere. (You can do these in your PJ's. Swear.)

Make shift happen.