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Women's Discovery Circle: Bringing in the Light

In our tradition, the two biggies in the guidance world are intuition and ancestors.  

Sometimes our intuition flows with ease and grace. The channel is clear. No busy signals.

What happens when the signal is busy? That's when we call in guidance from external sources. We might know exactly what we want to ask for- help with a transition or breakdown. But what if you are not sure what to ask for? What if we don't know what piece of information or insight we need to make the necessary shift? 

Just bring in the light. The simple act of lighting a candle is actually quite profound.

  • It's a beacon, like a bat signal. It says, Okay, I need help. Now.
  • It's an act of faith. It' says. "I am open to the opportunities that this assistance will bring into my life;" "If you bring it, I will act. I am ready." Basically, "If you call, you won't go straight to voice mail."

At our next Women's Discovery Circle, we will be exploring how profoundly simple it is to invite in (ancestral, Divine, Universal) support. We will open our channels and signal that we are ready. We will let it be known that the phone lines are open.



56 Monarch Bay Dr. | Dana Point, CA 92629

from 25.00
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