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Women's Discovery Circle: Putting The Pieces Back Together

At our last Women's Discovery Circle we broke glass (literally) to represent the things we wanted to break through or free of in order to heal our wounds and release our GIFTS.

We broke ancestral and personal patterns, we broke attachments, and we broke free of words spoken to us that were holding us back.

At our next Circle, we will be using those broken pieces to put a ritual object 'back together' to represent how we put the pieces of our lives back together from the things that shatter us and to restore integrity to our innermost being.

This will also be an opportunity to explore in ritual:

  • What intentions do we want to be present when we rebuild after breaks and loss?
  • What pieces do we need to add back to what we are creating that were not present and that will add integrity?
  • Who do you need to help you put the pieces back together and who should you surround yourself with to help you keep it that way?
  • What are the core values that will support our healthiest and best lived lives?

We will call in the power of the elements to help us create the transformation needed to put things back together in the healthiest way possible.