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Women's Discovery Circle: What's Your Kryptonite?

  • Living Your Gifts 826 Cliff Drive Laguna Beach, CA, 92651 United States (map)

For some reason Wikipedia’s List of superhuman features and abilities in fiction does not list women’s super power to give love. Although we save the world with it every day.

But sometimes, giving…or at least the reasons we do it…can be our kryptonite.

You give some love here…and oh wait…someone really needs you over there…’.but it's an emergency’...’but there's no one else to do it…’how can I say no to that?’

What happens when we keep giving until we get to the reserve that should be for saved for us, for self-nurturing and self-care…and we keep that away, too? We can rationalize that – if we are giving love and being loving, what's the problem? Being loving and giving love to the world is ‘good.’ Plus we are not supposed to be selfish.

We don't live in a fictional universe, and the implications for giving it all away (and then some) can be pretty serious.

Not only do we get burnt out and depleted…we weaken ourselves with these forms of kryptonite:

We get down on ourselves for crossing that boundary we said we wouldn’t. We can’t bring ourselves to use the word NO. We don’t ask for help.

We need to shift our focus and realize that our real super power is to love ourselves. To value ourselves- and to keep love in the reserve tank.

What’s your kryptonite? At our next women’s Discovery Circle, we will explore the various forms of kryptonite present in the realm of our self-care. We will create a space to revitalize our self value- and our sense of self worth that empowers self-esteem and self-respect. Yes, you aren't suppose to be selfish, but you are being self-ish, not your whole Self, if your body isn't a nurturing place for your soul.

Come join us. You can leave your cape at home.
but please bring a solid color t-shirt!!!


September 24, 2015 (Every other Thursday)
7:00PM- 8:30PM
826 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach CA 92651


from 25.00
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