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Infusing Your Life with Clarity

We are continuing the theme of committing - to ourselves - by looking at our commitment to clarity.

Why do we have to commit to being clear? Because…

“Clarity is a decision. Whatever degree of clarity you’re experiencing right now is what you’ve decided to create. Not deciding still counts as a decision; in that case it’s the decision to remain uncertain. The word decide comes from the Latin decidere, which means “to cut off from.” To make a decision, you must cut away other potential directions. If you remain open to lots of different directions at the same time, you get confusion and fuzziness. When you commit yourself to one specific direction, clarity is the natural result.” -Steve Paulina

When we don’t commit to being clear, we are allowing the limiting beliefs and patterns from our past to continue to create detours on the path to becoming our true selves.

What thoughts and actions prevents you from having clarity in your life?

  • surrounding ourselves with people who don’t share your values?
  • spinning in circles letting your expectations stop you before you even start?
  • distracting yourself with over stimulating or numbing out activities instead of creating a space for clarity?
  • assuming you can’t do it?
  • not asking for help?
  • setting goals, you don’t have the support to achieve, them blaming yourself when you ‘fail?’

Getting clear is itself a practice that needs to be part of our transformational work.

It’s the practice of:

  • trusting yourself that the decisions you are making are in YOUR highest and best interest
  • turning off the inner critic
  • opening to the signs that validate your intuition
  • courage to commit to take the next step into the unknown
  • having clear priorities and expectations

First, we need to commit to getting clear - and that it's entirely 100% our responsibility. Next we need to get clear on how we clear a space for clarity in our lives.

During our next group, we will be working with the water element to support clarity in our lives.

What do you need clarity around right now in your life?

  • What do you need to strip away in order to clearly see the decisions you need to make? What support do you need to put around yourself?
  • What practices do you need to commit to including in your life to stay clear?

This will be a special ritual, as we will end at the beach – making an offering to the water, to support our commitment to our clarity.

Join us in this special ritual.

Thursday September 8, 2016
7:00PM- 8:30PM
644 A Glenneyre, Laguna Beach CA 92651
703-505-5152 |

Pre-pay and save $5 at the ticket link below or get a discount for purchasing multiple Sessions. $30.00 at the Door.

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