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Remembering Your Story

  • Zenna Wellness Studio 10 S Main St Berlin, MD 21811 (map)

They say it takes a village of support? Let's create one! At Living Your Gifts, we take our name from the indigenous African Dagara culture that believes you came here already connected to your GIFT- your unique life purpose- and once you are born into your Village, it's your Community’s job to recognize that GIFT in order to help you remember and live it. 

We live in the modern world, and we don’t always recognize that we have this kind of support available in our lives.

Join us in community for an evening of meditation and modern ritual with Susan Hough, Living Your Gifts Co-Founder, Intuitive Activation Life Coach, and a Dagara initiate and Ritualist. 

Susan will call in Elements from the Dagara Medicine Wheel that hold the specific energies that will help YOU realign with your unique purpose and re/connect YOU to the story of YOU. 

There is no experience required, just a willingness to be open to being truly seen and heard. At Living Your Gifts our definition of ritual is simple: (v.) to act with intention as a tool for healthy living. Susan will create a safe and sacred space to invite transformation into your life. Both men and women are invited!

"Susan Hough is a spirited and resourceful leader who is deeply in touch with her indigenous soul. Combining her studies of ancient wisdom and her life experience, she ingeniously creates a unique experience for each person or group. Her work is brilliant, inspiring and healing. I recommend her." - Sobonfu Somé, Dagara Elder

November 30, 2015 6:30-8:30
Zenna Wellness Studio | 
10 S. Main Street | Berlin, MD 21811 | (443) 373-7069
Contact Chrissy to Register | $30.00 at the Door.


Susan is a champion for your transformation. She has helped hundreds of clients remember and connect to their unique life purpose by causing shifts in five areas of personal development. Experience your relationships becoming more fulfilling, past traumas and wounds being brought into a space where they can be healed and no longer effect the trajectory of the life you are supposed to be living. Stop struggling with your decisions and empower yourself to choose what YOU want. Work with Susan to create a roadmap for your transformational journey. Her unique combination of professional mental health experience, energy work and direct training in indigenous ritual healing, combines in her unique Life Coaching practice called Intuitive Activation Coaching. Susan’s clients report feeling vital, healthy, supported, joyful, authentic, grounded and connected. Are you next?

Connect with Susan Hough and Living Your Gifts:
(703) 505-5152