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UK Mineral Ritual



What’s working you? Are you stuck in a pattern you can’t get out of? Is there a limiting belief or mindset that you are tired of being in control? Are there ‘tapes’ playing in the background that you’re ready to turn off? Do you feel like you are chasing the tail of your own REAL truth, and that if you caught it, everything in your life would finally settle? 


What other stories are you telling yourself, that might not be serving you, that you need to change or let go of?


In the Dagara tradition, the Mineral Element is called in when we need to SHIFT what isn’t working, or needed in our lives; into healthy ways of being, thinking and doing, that align with the well healthy person we came here to be, who can do the work we are meant to do.


The Mineral Element taps into the earth’s ancient wisdom, and our human ancestral wisdom; that resides in the rocks, stones and minerals of the earth, and in our human bones. 


In Come-Unity and in Ritual, we will call in this inherent, integral, and indigenous wisdom, to trust and allow Spirit to guide the transitions we each need, into the transformational healing our TRUE and HIGHEST selves are calling for. 


There is NO experience required, only a willingness to be open to what you need.


Please bring: Ritual items like 44 river bed rocks in four different sizes (from pebbles to 1/2' in diameter) , crystals, journal, a story about the world, pictures of ancestors, your birth stone or a stone you have been carrying for a long time, something representing an old story you would like to change and one you would like to let go of and one or several personal power objects, flowers, colored candles in tall glass containers and fabrics in the following colors (red, white, and green), if you have it a white sheet (any size) drums, shakers or any musical instruments and whatever your intuition tells you.

Please bring coaster or trivets to help contain the wax from the non glass contained candles - and of course you may take the fabrics back home again, we will use them to build the shrines.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

Contact Susan for the location in the UK.

June 24 | 9:30 AM - 4 PM