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Women's Discovery Circle: Finding Your Flow in the New Year

Your FLOW.

It's not just a clichéd expression from the 1970's. It's an actual place. A nexus. A state of being.

FLOW in your emotions is the best way that YOU experience your feelings. It's the sweet spot between knowing what you are feeling, and knowing how to re/act to your feelings.

FLOW in the law of the universe is the vibrational match up of the Universe picking up, what your Highest Self is putting out.

FLOW in positive psychology, is 'completely focused motivation.' 

FLOW in love is not something you have to earn or work at. It flows naturally if we allow it to.

2016, in the indigenous Dagara tradition we work in, is a WATER year. This Element brings in the energies of balance, peace and you guessed it...FLOW. It's also the area you work in to remove obstacles that impede your FLOW.

At our next Women's Discovery Circle, in meditation and ritual we will ask for what we need to find our FLOW in 2016.

  • What needs to shift in your emotions in order for you to find the sweet spot in feeling between feeling and action?
  • What needs to shift so the signals you are sending to the Universe are received?
  • What obstacles need to be removed for your motivation to FLOW.
  • What grace do we need to call in to exist in a state of love?

Thursday January 21, 2016
7:00PM- 8:30PM
644 A Glenneyre, Laguna Beach CA 92651
Pre-pay and save $5 below. $30.00 at the Door.

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