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Developing Your Third ‘Ear’

Imagine you are in your car driving down the freeway. From where you’re at on this clear day, you can see ahead for several miles, but no farther than that. From here, the road looks clear. What you can’t see, is that around the next bend, there is a major traffic jam-that you are driving straight into.

But this is why traffic helicopters were invented. From high above-it can see the total picture. You can't see around the corner, much less what's happening three miles in the future. To the helicopter, however, it's obvious that in three miles you'll be stuck.

If you turn on your car stereo, you can hear the helicopter's traffic broadcast. And if you tap into the latest technology-like Waze, you can get guidance from your Community as well.

You know to get off at the next exit, take a detour, or take a scenic route!

One of life's exotic mysteries is that total comprehension is impossible. This can either be seen as a wonderful attribute, if we are partnering with our intuition and spiritual guidance, or it be cause for confusion, overwhelm, despair and self doubt.

We can turn on ourselves, in anger or in desperation because we don’t have all the answers. Instead of turning to others.

  • We isolate- from friends, family, and our communities of support, by lashing out or blaming others, or by through self medication, stuffing our emotions, or succumbing to mild or sever depression. We may find ourselves saying, “Why can’t I just figure this out on my own!, or “Why do I need other people?”
  • We also isolate ourselves from the powerful ally of Spirit.

Consider this: the Western concept of Self is independent. But the ancient and indigenous concept is inter-dependent. Our ancestors lived fully connected to source, nature, and to their communities.

They had guides, and tools that kept them connected to spiritual guidance, and their purpose. They were taught the skills to turn on and tune into that proverbial car radio. And they had a welcoming Community that acknowledged them as whole and healthy.

  • What if you could also have your deepest knowing made conscious?
  • What if you could begin to understand and appreciate in a totally new way the fact that your life is indeed absolutely worthy of your fullest attention?

You have heard of the ’third eye,’ - but what about your ‘third ear?’

Join us in ritual as we learn the ancient ways of tuning in to Spirit- in the support of our welcoming community.

Thursday June 9, 2016
7:00PM- 8:30PM
644 A Glenneyre, Laguna Beach CA 92651
703-505-5152 |

Pre-pay and save $5 at the ticket link below or get a discount for purchasing multiple Sessions. $30.00 at the Door.

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