Our Women's Discovery Groups is grounded in a traditional support group structure, but they creatively incorporate indigenous wisdom to create community and a space for deeper transformational work and healing. 

"We work on issues like breaking patterns, we literally broke glass in that ritual; or reclaiming our personal power-where we created personal power potions. We focus on issues like nurturing ourselves, igniting our passion and finding our voice...and we do it in community."

Yes, it's a support group...we do focus on personal development issues-but by adding a ritual element, we create a sacred space where we witness and experience each other as our Highest Selves (that’s the unspoken rule.) And don't let the word 'sacred,' or 'Ritual' put you off. Around here our definition is pretty simple. Ritual (v.) to act with intention as a tool for healthy living.

            Shrine set up for Power Potions


We always start our Groups with a guided meditation to ground ourselves in sacred space and community.

            Making a personal Power Potion


Then we build a ritual experience around one issue in our personal lives that we want to work on, bring healing to, or fire up.

Putting the Pieces Back Together Object

Objets d' Art & Spirit

Often, as part of the Circle, we create an art or sacred object to take home to continue the ritual experience and healing.

Our Circle meets approximately every third Thursday evening.

Check the Events page for the date and theme of the next Circle, then SIGN UP below for single and multiple (discounted price) Sessions. 

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