Are you tired of feeling like your NOT where you want to be in your life, and thinking that you'll never get there?

It's time for your recovery mission.Somewhere on the way to becoming who you were meant to be, you hit a detour (or two.) A BLOCK developed in your life, that caused pain and patterns, that sent it, and your emotions, plans, and dreams sideways. Let me expertly guide you every step of the way to the exact places where you are BLOCKED, in order to shift them and to get relief from the pain, and reset your course into the future you were meant to live.

Intuition Activation

This activation Session is designed to help you get confirmation that you are taking the best and Highest next step, and to begin a practice and process of tuning into the information Source is sending your way that aligns you with the purpose and Soul work you are meant to do in this world. Stop doubting what you know, learn how to reduce the static, strengthen the muscle, and clear the way to consistently creating from who you really are. Tune into your frequency.

  •  1:1 Coaching Session  (30 Minutes)

  • $60.00

Shift & Heal

This intensive Session is designed to separate WHAT HAPPENED from WHO YOU ARE, to create an aha! moment of healing discovery when you FIND, SHIFT and HEAL the SOURCE of your pain, discomfort and frustration. What was the moment or experience when it began? And what are the core mindsets, and limiting beliefs that have resulted? Knowing the WHY can get you to the HOW: to move forward.

  •  1:1 Coaching Session  (75 Minutes)
  • $150.00

From Blindspot to Breakthrough

Experience in a series of four Sessions, a holistic, energetic and transformational approach to your healing, that will move you from WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOW, to discovering and living as WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE. We do this by continuing to identify and clear specific incidents in your past; examining and reseting the core limiting beliefs and mindsets they created; and envisioning, and enacting new, heathy ways of being that make your life workable, and that align you with the work you came here to do. 

  • Four 50-minute 1:1 Sessions
  • Two 15-minute phone check-ins

$420.00 (a $460.00 Value)

We also offer an 8-Session series, as well as monthly retainer Sessions. We can meet in person in my Laguna Beach office, or by phone or Skype. These Sessions and Series can be used by individuals, couples, families and teens. 

I had a Skype Session with Susan…it was like she was right there in the room with me. I couldn’t believe that she identified issues even before I did. My self-esteem is significantly improved, and she gave me coping skills to use that have truly helped me. — Erin, 44, New York, NY

Susan is simply AMAZING! Her guidance and insight propel me to be the best I can be. She has given me the tools that I need to help build the life I always dreamed of.  – Jaimi Llama, 35, Laguna Beach, CA

Susan has given me new tools to deal with tough emotions, and most importantly a sense of deep support from a truly gifted and grounded mentor. —Margaret, 38, Laguna Beach, CA