Ritual (v.) to act with intention as a tool for healthy living.

That's the definition we use at LIVING YOUR GIFTS. I came up with that to boil it down to its essence and to put it in a modern perspective. I have taken the indigenous rites and rituals I learned in my Dagara initiation, and have converted them into modern use.

Why does ritual work?

Healing, true healing, must happen holistically, in and on multiple levels. A mental only approach, or a physical only approach to healing will give you results in one area. A multi faceted approach creates integral healing. So if you want to return to the whole and healthy person you came here as...add Elemental ritual to your healing practice.

Sacred Space

There are places you do your daily duties, and there's the space where healing happens. In this space your awareness (your consciousness) is engaged, and you enter as your Highest Self.

Daily Practice

Heal. One day at a time. Just like you practice yoga or meditation, daily (or weekly ;) ritual practice keeps you connected to your Self and to your healing journey.

Daily Practice

The best way to see how I use ritual for modern healing is to watch...

I create rituals as tools for healthy living in the five Elemental categories. Use them in your daily practice- like daily meditations, or yoga postures, to stay aligned with Source and your GIFT.

Yeah! We are recording our ritual videos as we speak...and they will be right here on this page shortly...Stay tuned!