Bring Ritual into your healing practice. Ritual is visceral, not mental; practical, not passive. It has the ability to break into your consciousness, where healing happens. Our definition? Working with intentions, as a tool for healthy living. Yoga aligns your body. Ritual aligns you with your Soul. 


Let's Change...Change.

Change is about Time + Intention + Expectation = Outcome. Let’s play with INTENTION today, to make positive Change.

A #Gratitude Ritual for Your Thanksgiving Meal

It's a little bit's a little bit African...but it's all about #Gratitude. How can you add Mindful Eating to YOUR family gathering to TRULY bring in the THANKSGIVING? Susan show you how.


Planting Seeds of Intention

If you planted your purpose, or any other intention you want NOW in your life...would it GROW? What kind of Spiritual care do we need to make our dreams and desires manifest in our life? Susan show you how.


How Do YOU Talk to Source?

In the African tradition we follow, talking to Source (the UNIVERSE, your GUIDES, GOD, your ANCESTORS, etc.) can actually be a lot of fun. Create a BREAKTHROUGH in your relationship with #SPIRIT today...Susan show you how to #Co-Create your life with #SPIRIT.