An ancient tool for your inner knowing...

Like the signs of the Zodiac, each element has specific energetics and qualities that can enlighten you about your:

  • patterns
  • strengths
  • relationship compatibility
  • what you may need to call in or shift to manifest your life purpose

It all leads to the aha! moments of self discovery you've been waiting for! 

I am one of a handful of people trained by the late African Elder and Spiritualist, Sobonfu Somé. I will be able to see where you are blocked in each area and use this information to suggest SHIFTS you can make to realign with the PERSON you came here to be, to do the SOUL work you came here to do.

Get your medicine wheel for a special price.

Ready for clarity, balance, energy and understanding?



The reading is based on YOUR life. We start with your natal element (like your Zodiac sign) and 'read' the 'mix' of Elements in your Wheel, to answer questions like: Why don't I have a fulfilling relationship? What is making me stuck? How do I energize my purpose? The Wheel Reading is the first step in understanding how to create the balance that aligns you with the life your are meant to be living.

“I had a Skype Medicine Wheel Session with Susan. I felt like she was right in the room with me! I was amazed that she was able to identify the issues I was struggling with before I articulated them myself. I am more compassionate with myself and my self esteem is significantly improved since the session. She also gave me some some specific coping skills to use that truly help me.”
— Erin, 32, New York City