In the next 10 weeks you will experience significant breakthroughs in five core areas of your life, that WILL actually CHANGE your life; making it UnRECOGNIZABLE from when you began...

With Susan as your guide, you will work in 1:1 Coaching Sessions, to release and shift the habitual BLOCKS holding you back, and you will work with energy in a totally new way, using the authentic rituals and ancient wisdom that she was initiated into, to solidify the breakthroughs in your 1:1 Sessions.

Work Smarter NOT Harder...

There are really only a few energetic areas where EVERYONE develops mental and emotional BLOCKS and BLINDSPOTS, that keep us in BREAKDOWN. You will work faster, and SMARTER not HARDER, to find where PAIN and PATTERNS are keeping you STUCK, and you will work to release your BLOCKS with Susan as your Guide.

This holistic work serves to naturally align you with the (healthy) person you came here to be; and the purpose you came here to live.

Specific outcomes: You will heal past and ancestral wounds, that can resolve relationship patterns, the source of your anxiety, feelings of disconnected-ness. You may understand and improve the way you communicate with, and the ways you are seen and heard by others, and emerge with a better understanding of your feelings.

Reset, and get back on the path to the person you are meant to be.

Work at the level where the deepest healing happens...

This doesn't get discussed as much in life Coaching and personal development....but you can experience spiritual BLOCKS as well as mental and emotional ones, and they can be just as painful.

They happen when you are not connecting to the purpose you are meant to be living. Susan uses and modernizes the rituals from the ancient wisdom tradition she was initiated into, that have been used in the healing setting for thousands of years. In the modern context, the physical act of ritual allows you to work with shifting energy in a whole new way. It gets you 'out of your head' and forces you into your awareness to activate your self-healing on the deepest level. 

With Susan as your Guide...

Susan has been trained in energy work, as a life coach (after years of also working with clients in mental health), and as a Ritualist.

She brings all of this together to help find your BLOCKS, on multiple levels, and finds the best method to bring healing into your life. It's like a 360 degree life and energetic 'check-up' and healing, that is completely unique, and completely transformational.

Susan is a dedicated and dogged healer who will help you to discover and resolve even the most persistent issues, and move you to the next level of your life.


  • One 50 minute 1:1 Coaching session per week (self scheduled in our online calendar)
  • One 15-minute check in to use any time during the week as needed (self scheduled)
  • Specific Rituals designed for you throughout the 10 weeks, to enforce the BREAKTHROUGHS in your 1:1 Sessions.
10 Week Ritual Coaching
2,000.00 2,500.00

The $1,000 price is for a LIMITED time ONLY.

This is a deep and lasting healing program if you are truly ready to take control of your health, and life trajectory.

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