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Walking with Sobonfu


It is very exciting! Susan has released her new book exploring ritual, healing, and her years of experience studying with Sobonfu Some. The book is full of practical advice and simple ways you can create rituals for yourself for transformation.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Walking with Sobonfu chronicles Susan’s friendship with Sobonfu Some as they share experiences in North America and in Africa. The book is filled with the wisdom of both women and invites the reader to dive deeply into the richness of their own lives through the rituals and ceremonies that bring about stronger connections to themselves, the earth, and their communities. Her remarkable experiences are a tribute to the power of connection and friendship and are a powerful reminder of what it means to embrace one’s own voice and live from a place of deep authenticity. 




A lovely, healing and insightful read!

Susan Hough has created an amazing gift to the world with this book! Sobonfu Somé was a tremendously gifted teacher and one of the brightest and wisest souls I have ever met. The work that Susan has done to take Sobonfu’s teachings and share them with such beautiful, personal stories and present them in such accessible ways makes it so easy to incorporate ritual into my daily life. Her presentation is powerful and so easily read … I am grateful beyond words to have this book, and have bought additional copies to share with those who are dear to me. Thank you Susan for the work you did to write this book! I will be forever grateful!


Insights into how to connect with others, build a sense of community, and not feel alone

The author provides a delightful and easy-to-read introduction to the spiritual beliefs of an indigenous African community. She presents her perspective through personal stories of both heartache and joy. The stories reflect her personal growth as she develops a strong friendship with Sobonfu Somé, one of the Dagara people of West Africa.

Born in Africa and raised in the Dagara community and spiritual culture, Sobunfu moved to the United States. She then shared her belief system with many people such as the author, simply through her friendship and presence. Consequently, the author presents many ideas and concepts that the reader may find tremendously insightful and truthful.


An empowering and powerful book filled with wisdom and sweetness

This book is filled with wisdom and sweetness. It will shift your view of community, yourself, and your relationship to all that surrounds you. Susan Hough speaks with authenticity about her own journey and her relationship with her teacher Sobonfu Some. She shares her own vulnerabilities and doubts as she journeys from wife and mother to a respected teacher on the world stage. By doing so she frees us to face our personal challenges and our own vulnerabilities. She shows us the power that ritual, community, and spirit can have when we bring them into our daily life. This book has the power to change how you view yourself and supports you in finding clarity and purpose while embracing your own unique gifts.


Connection is essential and "Walking With Sobonfu" depicts this beautifully!

I am so grateful to the author Susan Hough for writing “Walking with Sobonfu!!! I am only on page 14 and words, phrases and sentences have POPPED right off the Page. I either do/feel/believe the exact same way and I feel fully connected to your experiences, thoughts.

Much gratitude for staying true to you and your world. 


Heart & Life Expanding

A Gem of a book. I laughed. I cried. I sat in awe and wonder. A poignant heartfelt telling of a life-changing friendship and Journey to Self. This personal narrative is peppered with so much Wisdom, Humor, and even better, a plethora of actual TOOLS FOR GROWTH. This beautifully artistic book provides a needed guide for modern-day ritual and exploration. I highly recommend it for entertainment, learning text, and personal and community growth. Thank You, Susan. Thank You SOBONFU.


Following your heart and making a difference

This story demonstrates the power of discovery, however unexpected. Through Susan’s effort, suburban American teens encounter a project that will transform them. It stems from an unlikely source, the “thousands-year-old teachings” of a rural African village. Their ancient wisdom taught these teens the importance of community and the value of selfless service. Through the project, they learned that even people of vastly different backgrounds are strongly connected through a common humanity.


What a Glorious Journey!

“Walking with Sobonfu” is a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman. Susan writes of her search for meaning and finds more than she bargained for in meeting and being mentored by Sobonfu. We are all enriched by following the journey that Susan takes with Sobonfu and come away with rituals to gain more meaning from our own lives and desire to do more for our own communities as well as the Dagara community. Brava, Susan. Well done!