Need a Speaker or unique Corporate, Workshop, or Breakout Session that includes an indigenous Ritual?

 Susan Hough, CTI  Life Coach & Ritualist

Susan Hough, CTI  Life Coach & Ritualist

About Susan Hough:

"I worked in mental health, with individual coaching clients, and with light and energy work for 20 years, then found and was initiated into an indigenous healing school, by my late mentor, Sobonfu Somé , who was considered one of the foremost voices in bringing African healing wisdom to the West. I bring this healing container fully into my work. It’s not entirely ancient wisdom, its more than coaching…I believe it’s a third way, and the way I guide you to the moments of self-discovery that realign you with the person you came here to be, to do the work you are meant to do. It’s my privilege to carry on this profound, powerful, healing tradition."

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